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GOG Chums & Camp Followers

Over the years, the exploits of the GOGs have enticed many otherwise apparently
sane people to come & "muck about" alongside these diverse & mischievous souls.

Some have been, mucked about, and gone on their various ways.
Some leave little trace of their passing, but others have left
a rich legacy of "gittishness" that colours our lives to this day.
- and then there are those who keep coming back for more...

These pages are a small tribute to those "part-time gits"
past and present, who are not afraid to have fun.

The choice is arbitrary & subjective - please do not be offended if your name is not
shown here - but if your name is here, please take it as some sort of compliment!

     "Friendships must be built on a solid foundation of    
 alcohol, sarcasm, inappropriateness, and shenanigans" 

In case anybody has trouble understanding the meaning of our motto"Share The Love", here is the definition:- SHARING
(thus sharing is a two way process of giving and taking equally - if you cannot see that, you do not belong here)

Absent Friends ~ Absent Friends ~ Absent Friends ~ Absent Friends ~ Absent Friends ~ Absent Friends

angel   Tony Lloyd   angel   Kelvin Woods   angel   Ron Dell   angel   Maurice Sawyer   angel

angel  Phil Scarfe   angel   Les Reed   angel   Gayle Woodul (GBP)   angel

angel  Ray Bethell (Big Daddy)   angel Harry Douglas angel David Johnson angel

These were good people who truly "Shared The Love" - we remember them fondly and still fly their kites & banners

Current UK Friends, Chums, Occasional Gits & Camp Followers

Roy B Hayley G Paul C Margaret & Malcolm B

Glenn S Guy R Sandra Andrew S Collin M Alan C

Jacqui M Paul & Helene M Karl & Sara L

Nick J Dave P Bob & Carole C Nigel & Wendy G

"Friendship is a two-way street for sharing fun, laughter and tears
- a state of mutual affection, loyalty, love, respect, trust & support "

International Friends, Chums, Occasional Gits & Camp Followers
Gits sans Frontières ~ Gits ohne Grenzen ~ Gits bez Granic ~ Gits uden Grænser ~ Gits sonder Grense

Christian BP Linda S Patrik K Gary M Pieter B (DFBE) Dave Butler

N.B. Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here....
If you are visiting these pages of your own free will, are over the age of legal consent, and have even thought of doing anything remotely Gittish - then BE ADVISED - you are liable to be inducted into the GOG Hall Of Fame!

We have felt the pain of losing some precious friends recently & wanted to show our love in tangible form
We now have a wonderful wooden Memorial Bench to take with us on our happy perambulations,
so we can have a little rest, while sitting & remembering "Absent Friends" Memorial Bench FB link
memorial bench engraved back rest
If you are grieving, the following links may be of comfort Memo from Our Boss & On Growing Old

N.B. Firefox cannot show these PowerPoint files, please download them and view them off line - MSIE & Chrome work OK

"Heaven is a joyful place in the hearts of those who love you"

Many years ago, I found a poem that resonated strongly with my views on life & kites - High Flight
Recently, I found this poem on my computer - did I write it? I honestly don't know... Dreams of Heaven
Just recently, a friend brought this poem to my attention...
Death Is Nothing At All

In the Beginning there was The Bench...           It went on a Great Journey - and It Evolved!

Thank you Keith, for having this great idea,
and bringing it to life

It is now at the heart of of all Git Events with
a brass plaque designed by Keith .pdf .jpg

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Click on any of the above images to see a larger version

The bench was used extensively at Dieppe 2014 to send "Thumbs Up" messages
to our friend Lutz and to wish him a speedy recovery - Daumen Hoch Facebook Album

More Bench stuff at JU16 + Dieppe 2016 + JU20 + Streatham 2017 + JU21 + Rijsbergen 2017

T's & C's: Please note that inclusion on these pages means that you are happy to be the butt of the GOG
irreverent sense of humour and not averse to having any residual pomposity pricked & deflated.
If you are not happy about this, please contact a GOG and ask to be delisted.
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