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Grand Days Out

The Gits go to........

Beaconsfield Kite Fun Weekend in May 2006

Lots more photos and words on Keith's Photo Album

Ally Pally in Feb 2008
ally pally 2008

Kew Steam Museum in March 2008 to see lots of lovely
Sterling Engines and we end up in Richmond Park

Houlgate April 2008 where we represented ENGLAND

March 2008 and we end up in Maurice's Garden

2008 Cliddesden Jolly up and we show Git Power

Kew Steam Museum and we all (eventually) smile nicely

Phil's Kitemaking Workshop Oct 2008 at Swindon
Keith and Alan made kites.

John came along to annoy everyone (successfully) on the Sunday

Bangers, Beans and Mash - sustenance for the eager participants

(Note how Phil is wearing his Grumpy Old Gits T-shirt with pride)

Then we had a Grand Day Out at

What a Happy Bunch...
- can you imagine bumping into this lot on your day out????

Then we had a really Grand Day Out at Kempton

Five dials amongst lots of other dials

January 2009 Ally Pally again
This Time it's the Model Engineering Exhibition
- we saw lots of other grey haired gits there

Looks quite a lot like last year's photo.
They don't seem to have aged at all - March 2009

Here we all are - 5th April 2009
Lovely warm Spring day and a Grand Day Out

We just love going to Kew Bridge Steam Museum

Bekonscot Model Village Maurice's 79th

Ron Moulton joined us for the day at RAF Hendon - Feb 2010

4th May 2010. We had a trip down the Thames with Marla, Barbara, Cliff & Don
Don was our photographer for the day. He took this excellent pic.

March 2011. We Went to Pendon Museum

September 2011 We KAPtured the White Horse at Uffington.

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