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Life Stuff
Prostate Cancer Info + Top Tips

Kite Stuff
Advice to Novice Kite Fliers + Archive of UK Kite Flying sites
Steel Fencing Pins for use as Ground Stakes:- 10mm Steel + 12mm Steel (12mm harder to find)

Avast FREE Antivirus - expertly rated much better than MS Security Esentials
How to detect RAT on your pc (Youtube video) + Instructions Text File
Malware News from Softpedia - Extensive List of Top Malware Threats
Ransomware and how to fix it - from nomoreransom.org
How to remove ransomware from Google Chrome browser
Antivirus info for Android + Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Android Devices - e.g. Kindle Fire

Check for FAKE Micro SD Memory Cards
H2testw - Download test program for PC
SDInsight - Test app for Android phones & devices to see if it is fake
Happybison.com - Advice on how to check and spot fake micro SD cards
Fake Flash Test - for PC - put card in USB adaptor

Random Pooter Stuff
Google Chrome Password Manager - edit & remove stored logins + passwords
Firefox Password Manager - edit & remove stored logins + passwords
Internet Explorer Credential Manager - edit & remove stored logins + passwords
View & Remove Stored Website Passwords on Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

Google Chrome Voice Search Mic. icon missing + Adblock Plus
Ebay Delete Addresses + HTML Workshop + Mailwasher
Internet Speed Test - Automatic tests with results log FREE.
* Windows 7 Support End Date * Sticking with Windows 7? *
* Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor * How to stay on Windows 7 & 8 Forever *
Windows XP style Network Activity Indicator for Win 7 & 10 + other useful utilities
How to Block All Cookies Except for Sites You Use
Download & Save Music from Youtube (tested OK by Dicky)
Kodi free TV & films for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Windows
Firefox Theme Font & Size Changer + Thunderbird Theme Font & Size Changer
Windows software for sale at cut prices

Facebook Stuff
Social Fixer + F.B. Purity - Clean Up and Customise Facebook
Facebook Hacked Advice + Change FB Password + Block Somebody
21 Hidden Facebook Features Only Power Users Know
Download & Save Video from Facebook (tested OK by Dicky)

Windows 10 Stuff
Disable/Restore Win 10 Update Reminder Tool
Get Windows 10 for Free After July 29th, with a Little Prep Now
Open programs without UAC prompt + Download Win7 games for Win10
Uninstall Win 10 built-in apps + Uninstall More Apps + 5 Things to do after Upgrading to Win 10
Configure Unwanted Win 10 Services + Make win 10 super Fast
Windows 10 UAC Security Issues + MS Win 10 Support: Trending topics
Access + Update Win 10 Experience Index + Win 10 Safe Mode + Malware Scan
Windows 10 - Check Your Privacy Settings!
Restore Missing ''Windows Update'' to Windows 10 Control Panel
Add or Remove ''Open Microsoft Edge'' Tab Button in Internet Explorer
Enable/Disable Facebook Profile Picture Login - works on PC

There seems to be a number of things that commonly go wrong on windows 10
- here is my hit list with simplified remedial actions cribbed from HERE

Windows 10 - Start icon and Search icon do not work when left clicked
REMEDY - Reinstall all Windows Start Menu Apps
REMEMBER - you can always UNINSTALL any Apps that you don't need - see link above

1. Highlight and copy all of the following line to your clipboard.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

2. Open Task Manager, click on File, then on Run New Task.
3. Type in the word powershell & tick the box for admin privileges, then click OK.
4. Now paste that long line in to the right of the system prompt (right click mouse should do it - otherwise Ctrl+V)
5. Press Enter key.

N.B. The above Powershell procedure is used with different instructions pasted in to cure most of Win 10 ills

Windows 10 - Restart in Safe Mode + Malware Scan

1. From Win 10 desktop, press Windows key or click Start icon , then click Power icon ,
    now hold down Shift key & click Restart icon and wait a few seconds . . .

2. After your PC gets to the  Choose an option  screen, select  Troubleshoot 
    then  Advanced options  >  Startup Settings  and click  Restart  button.

3. After your PC restarts, you'll see another list of options.
    Select 5 or F5 for Safe Mode with Networking.

4. If you don't already have a favourite Antivirus or Antimalware app installed,
    Open a browser and download the latest version of ADWCLEANER from this URL
   - once download is complete, run the .exe file to install Adwcleaner.

5. Now click the "Scan" button and wait...

6. When Scan has finished, check the various tabs (Services, Folders, Files, DLL, WMI, shortcuts, etc)
    to see what Adwcleaner has found. Untick anything you know to be safe.

7. Now click the "Clean" button and when it has finished, restart normally

8. Repeat ADWCLEANER Scan & Clean in Normal mode - for extra safety, run another AV app
    in safe mode and then again in normal mode.


How to Disable Windows 10 Update Tool/Reminder
1. Open Task Manager (press Ctrl + Alt + Del)
2. On Processes tab, highlight "GWX.exe" & "Stop Process" (then close Task Manager)
3. Control Panel, Windows update - installed updates - search for & uninstall KB3035583 then reboot
4. Windows update - check for updates - find KB3035583 listing and "hide" it

How to Restore Windows 10 Update Tool
1. Control Panel, Windows update
2. Restore hidden updates (in left side menu)
3. Look for & select KB3035583
4. OK and reboot

Facebook Hack Advice
If you suspect your FB account has been hacked - don't just change your password!
It appears that if the hacker once cracks your FB password & keeps a FB "session" open,
they can continue to cause mischief even if the password has been changed.

You should LOG OUT when you finish a FB session,
espceially if you use a device that is used by anybody else.

1. On the top line of your FB screen, to the right of the padlock icon is a little black triangle
2. Click on that and go to "Settings"
3. Then go to "Security" security icon (below "General" on left side of screen)
4. Now click on the line "Where You're Logged In".
5. You will now see a list of FB Sessions - simply click on "End All Activity"
    N.B. This does not close the FB session that you are using!
6. When you are happy that only one legitimate session remains, change your FB password!
7. Some time around this point you should get an Email from FB to say "your password has been changed"
8. FB screen should then ask to go through a few checks with you, and highlight anything else it can find,
for you to approve or delete
9. FINALLY.... back to that little black triangle select "Activity Log" & delete anything suspicious.
10. Then LOG OUT & open a beer!
More info HERE and even more HERE and HERE

Change Facebook Password

1. Login to Facebook, click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner. and choose "Settings".
2. Confirm you are on "General Account Settings" and click on "Password" (4th field down).
3. Three fields should show up. ..."Current" ... "New" ... "Retype new" - so do those 3 things.
4. Make sure to choose a strong password and that the second and third fields both match.
  - use capital letters, numbers and symbols if possible - example: grumpY0ldg!ts1066
5. Then click on "Save Changes" button

Block Somebody on Facebook
1. Click the padlock icon at the top right of any Facebook page (Privacy Shortcuts)
2. Click on "How do I stop someone from bothering me?"
3. Enter the Facebook name or email address of the person you want to block and click Block.
- If you entered a name, select the specific person you want to block from the list that appears.

Delete Old Delivery Addresses on Ebay

1. In the top left corner of Ebay opening screen, look for the little black triangle next to "Hello (your name)"
2. Click on that and select "Account Settings"
3. Under "My eBay Views" (on left of screen) select "Addresses"
4. Now select "View all postal addresses"
5. Now you can "Make Primary" or "Edit" or "Delete" any address
6. Click to "Confirm" each action and the job's done!

Google Chrome - no Microphone for Google voice search
Only the latest versions of Google Chrome have the microphone option,
so if you want it you have to force an update
1. Open Google Chrome browser.
2. Click on the "Customise and Control" icon at top right corner of Chrome browser (3 horizontal black bars)
3. Put mouse cursor over "Help"
4. Click on "About google Chrome"
5. If you do not have the latest version, an automatic update should now begin by itself
6. When it has finished updating, click on "Relaunch" button
7. Now close the "About" tab of the Chrome browser
8. Assuming you have Google set as your "Home Page" ...
9. if you still cannot see that microphone press key F5 to refresh the screen
10. Job done! (hopefully)
11. If you had Adblock installed before, check it is still there & re-install if needed.

I cannot find any voice search for IE version 11, apart from a plug-in called Hangouts

but there is an add-on for Firefox

Install Adblock Plus FREE on IE, Firefox and Chrome
Adblock Plus Home Page
ABP for IE does not work? See what to do:- Click HERE

More tips and life hacks from the Greater Git Mind as we discover them!
- Please feel free to add your own contributions!

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