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Grumpy Old Gits Grand Master 22/10/1930 - 18/02/2015

Farewell Dear Friend - The Master is flying free
See how the Gits celebrated his passing

When there is a suitable gap in the GOG calendar, the Gits plan a pilgrimage to Maidensgrove,
where Maurice began flying kites with the GOGs - no doubt they will visit the Five Horseshoes

Finally the Master on the Memorial Bench - Nov 2014

Maurice 'At Home' after a 'Senior Fish & Chip Supper' 16/11/2013
Alan, Maurice & Keith looking smug

Maurice's 80th Birthday = Fireworks and grand daughters in 2010

Maurice has expertise up in the air.........

Maurice using his two right hands to help with the flambee bananas.

The Dangerous Bunch in Maurice's Shed (What an Aladdin's Cave)

When we went to Brooklands,

Maurice did a few laps

in a huge Bentley.

After analysing the speed results,

we found that his lap average was


No wonder he looks so pleased with himself.

CLICK HERE to see Maurice's Teddy Away

A link to some earlier Maurice KAP outings www.deltas.freeserve.co.uk/aerial.html

"It brought tears to his eyes"

Forgot to say I met Trevor at Old Warden, before I had started KAP. And accosted him for info.
He let me fly his kite, walking around all over the place and exposing a whole film which he then gave me
to take and get processed for myself.

Do you know what? I am sitting here now with tears in my eyes thinking ''how kind people are to me!!!''

"Celebrating his 79th Birthday"

The Master may look mild, avuncular and affable but he can get really deadly
- especially when he has his spud gun pointing out the window........

Alan and Maurice - Tewky July 2006 - it was May of this year the GOGs came into being
- and they still look relatively normal...

After Dark Shenanigins at Tewky with Glowing Boules!

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