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March 2017 - Gayle broke the news that she now faces her toughest battle...

On tour in Paris the week before Dieppe 2016

Tuesday 2nd February 2016 - Happy Anniversary!
Happy 1st Anniversary

Saturday 30th January 2016 - a Texas fashion statement....?

Saturday 1st August 2015 - a Momentous Day for Gayle & Christian
Their Handfasting Ceremony was a memorable part of Jollyup 17

Click Here for photos & details

Gayle started showing up at GOG events about the same time as CBP - funny thing that...
and now we hear they have set up home together in Texas - Yeehaa!

You could describe her as "A Lady with Attitude!"

Just be polite or she may forget her fine Texas manners and whup you one!
- or not - cos she is a sweetheart - but you never know!

Finally - at the GOG Christmas Bash 2014 - she revealed what everybody knew!

Woohoo! Much applause, cheering and drinking of toasts (any excuse)

The Lovebirds are on their way to Texas!
Wishing Gayle & Christian all the Luck in the World

Kite Fest Louisiana 2014 - Ozfeathers invade USA

Jollyup August 2013 ... Gayle & Christian, sitting in a tree - K - I - S - S - I - N - G

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