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So you've got something strange from the GOG Toy Factory?

Here is some info to help you look after it, get the most out of it
- and what to do if it goes wrong, or you want more!
 Git Whizzer - a simple kinetic toy from long ago...
 LED Finger Lights - popular with children who have special needs.
 LED Hat Band - to help you blend in at any sort of festival.
 Git Goggles - adult or junior versions - spikes are optional.
 Goggle Accessories - if you want to customise your goggles.
 LED Goggles - if you REALLY want to stand out in the crowd.
 LED Bottle Lamp - party in a bottle - slow or spacy - you choose.
 LED Top Hat - it takes a brave soul to wear this!
 LED Skull - perfect to decorate your crypt...

HMRC please note...
These items are made as a hobby or bought off Ebay, and donated to charity or sold on a
"not-for-profit" basis to cover some of the costs of parts used. There is no commercial aspect.

There are some wonderful proper toys out there now - many crop up on Ebay at silly prices - it is our joy
& pleasure to grab these bargains and distribute them among the 4 organisations that we support.

We support Julia's House + Bluebells Holiday Home (part of Sebastian's Action Trust) + a children's play
therapy team in Poole Hospital + Transformation Training in Bude, for children with behavioural & emotional issues.

We have also sent a selection of toys to Children's Hospice South West and to the Cystic Fibrosis play room at Basingstoke Hospital

The Hasbro "Bop It" range of toys is suited to many different levels of need & ability.
You may need instructions to get the most out these ... Click Here

Most of the toys shown above bear the CE mark, and are seen as suitable for shared use by clients,
as they can all be easily sanitised with antiseptic wipes or spray.

Then sometimes kids just like to dress up a bit, or shield their eyes, or just a bag for their stuff.

Summer has come at last - time for some cool shades and wacky headgear!

Other toys, shown below, are are suitable only for individual use as they are not easily sanitised.
Kazoo, quacker, siren, slide (Swannee) whistle, rocket balloons, rave specs & sleep masks.

Minions Soundboard has 16 amusing sound clips from Despicable Me Minions movies
They are great fun, but have one annoying habit...
Due to the lack of an ON/OFF switch, the button cells go flat in just a few days
So we have developed a simple modification - fit a switch!
You can also find some of these sounds on line at Jayzumi and HERE
Of course there's an app for your Android Smartphone HERE
Or you can have a FARTBLASTER app on your Android phone HERE

Recently been looking out for small WIFI tablets, suitable for use while stuck in bed
These can be found very cheaply on ebay, especially if they have broken touch screens
which are relatively cheap and easy to replace. If you have one to spare, please get in touch?

And for those who need something with more functionality, a windows 7 netbook or laptop

Git Whizzer

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If you are "of a certain age" then you may remember making
or playing with these when the world was young

We are making up kits for our young clients to assemble for themselves.
The 10cm disk is of 3mm thick MDF and very hard-wearing.
(left plain for clients to decorate with stickers or marker pens)
There is 1 metre of string & 2 wooden toggles.
Also 2 small bits of tubing to protect the string from chafing on the disk.
- Comprehensive instructions for assembly and use HERE & HERE


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These are stretchy silicon rubber LED bike lights, but the kids can do what they like - either put them on wheelchairs or walking frames, or just put them on their fingers and dance around.

I have also done a trial batch of modified lights - removed the original LEDs and fitted a single colour-changing LED instead - either a slow one for a calming effect, or a fast "disco" light for extra stimulation, depending on client's needs.

4 way push switch: solid on, fast flash, slow flash, or off.
They use 2 CR2032 coin cells which last ages, and should only be replaced by a carer.
If LEDs or batteries get wet, disassemble & dry ASAP then spray with WD40

Following recent publicity about the dangers of button cells if swallowed,
we advise careful supervision of small children while playing with these lights.

Hat Band

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Basic Set:- 10 LEDs that flash red-blue and red-green.
On/Off switch on battery box. Complete with
2 AA batteries & 5 cable ties, ready to wear!

If LEDs or battery box get wet, dry ASAP & spray battery contacts + switch with WD40

Special Set:- 10 LEDs on 2 circuits - 5 solid & 5 flashing.
e.g. Tricolour set = 5 flashing alternate red & blue + 5 white flashing on/off
On/Off switch on battery box. Complete with
2 AA batteries & 5 cable ties, ready to wear!

Git Goggles

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Various coloured plastic goggles with a selection of accessories.
All but Junior version have clear glass outer lens + smoked glass inner.
The holders unscrew to change the lenses any way you like.

NB Junior clear lenses have been replaced with Lexan polycarbonate safety
lenses and coloured perspex lenses or soft coloured "lighting gel" film.
We have manufactured these ourselves - if you want some please let us know!

N.B. - while these are called Welding Goggles they have no certification
for that purpose and are only suitable for dressing up!


The yellow pair are set up as "googly eyes" over the original dark lenses,
the green pair have "coarse mesh" over red & green lenses
(gel filters as used in stage lighting)

These somehow found their way to Cape Town!
(where they well received by a gaggle of very strange International Gits)

Another variant - reflective eye-pieces with off-centre "mad eyes" viewing hole.

If you need 2 pairs, the colours each side can be "mashed up".

Here are some patriotic red, white & blue goggles from a 3 way mash-up!

And another 3 way mash-up in the colours of Belgium's national flag

Depending on availability, goggles can be red, blue, green,
black, white, yellow, silver, pink or (of course) purple

Git Goggle

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Additional (or replacement) accessory kits are available :-

Coloured gel Filters (6 pairs) **                         Googly eyes (4 pairs) **

Aluminium Mesh Grilles (3 pairs) **             Plastic Mesh (no sharp edges)

NEW - Reflective Eye Shapes **

Just think - if you have all the accessories marked ** you can do a different setup every day for over 350 years!


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As above with battery pack attached by flylead, 2 AA cell + on/off switch
Default LEDs are 2 x 10mm "2 pin RGB slow cycle rainbow" type - Video Here
- other LED types by request.

While the LEDs and cable connections are weatherproof, the battery box is not.

The goggles have since evolved with improved battery connections
and "invisible cross-link"

Dec. 2015 - Ain't Evolution wonderful - where did this design come from?

Click HERE for more about these dual circuit 8 LED Git Goggles

Bottle Lamp

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Various bottles fitted with 5mm LEDs - some white, some coloured.
Usual setup is 2 circuits:- fixed white + flashing colour to suit the bottle.
AA Battery box fixed to rear of bottle. 2 cell box has on/off switch only.
3 cell box has selector switch with 3 positions:- off, mode 1, mode 2.

Cellophane & mylar ribbons inside bottle to reflect & refract the lights.

If you prefer gentle lights that fade slowly through all the colours of the rainbow,
for a calming effect, rather than a flashy "party in a bottle" that is no problem,
we can even personalise it with LEDs in your favourite colours.

Bottles 1 & 3 waiting to be stuffed by new owners + Bottles 2 & 4 looking pretty!

NOT WEATHERPROOF - protect from rain and dew if left outdoors.
If LEDs or battery box get wet, dry ASAP & spray battery contacts + switch with WD40.
Please do not leave in direct sunlight, as cellophane decomposes.
Ribbons may settle down - either shake 'em up or ask for more!
Replacement and additional ribbons available upon request.

These 3 were finished at Linda's 2nd Banner Workshop - October 2015
Now in the care of Linda's "Northern Cousin" Soo!

Luckily the Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery is fairly close to the Jollyup field,
(and worth a visit) so we have a plentiful supply of pretty empties!
And then there was the Cachaça Challenge... (thank you Sandra)

"See if you can get a light to shine out of that, Dicky!"
Hmmm - I do like a challenge - but this one required some lateral thinking...

Some bottles require a different sort of rethink... Pinot Noir Rosè
This pretty bottle has a pink metallic coating - no way to get any light to shine through!

The only viable solution was to put the LEDs on the outside, with an 'invisible' top fixing.

It turns out that sticking LEDs inside a bottle is quite a complex job...
Can you guess how many steps it takes? Click Here to find out!

Top Hat

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A cheap top hat decorated with purple ribbon & a selection of LEDs.
Usually done with 2 circuits - one solid and one flashing.
Battery box with on/off switch inside the crown takes 2 AA cells.
Additional LEDs may be fitted with manual or tilt switch.

NOT WEATHERPROOF - The hat & battery box should not be allowed to get damp!
N.B. Plasma skull was from Maplin - believed to be no longer available in UK.
The example below is a "special build" with Silver Git Goggles,
1W warm white LED headlamps on manual switch + 8 purple flashing LEDs
(and a lot of fake black hair)

NOT WEATHERPROOF - The hat & battery box should not be allowed to get damp!


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There seems to be a lot of interest in things with a skull motif, not only the decorated skulls
from "Day of the Dead" festivals in Mexico, but also (happy me) glowing crystal skulls...

There are 2 ways to get a skull bottle...
1. Drink a bottle of Canadian 'Crystal Head Vodka' - or
2. Look on Ebay where there are 3 different sizes...

Then it's off to the GOG Toy Workshop for keyhole surgery with a diamond drill...
Finally into the hands of the Git LED Meister... Simples!

Or if you can't wait to be drilled, you can buy a fancy LED pond light
& just put it underneath or alongside.
The battery box takes 2 AA cells, and is on a 50cm lead so it can be put out of sight.
LEDs, connections & wiring all sealed in epoxy resin & "water resistant"
Battery Box is NOT WEATHERPROOF - protect from rain and dew if left outdoors.

Please use the "Contact" page to send any enquiries to Dicky.

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