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Karl & Sara have been on the edge of GOG activities for many years, always ready to tempt
any unwary Git with something wonderful which just happens to be in their favourite colour...

The Pterodactyl for example... and those doves...

Karl managed a doves workshop in November 2015 - Details Here

Then something a bit "special" which for some reason was all in PURPLE

Then a bloke in South Africa - Jacques Pierre Fourie (OFR) - had an idea over a beer...
His good mate - Pieter Binsbergen (DFBE) - also had a beer, and is quite handy with a pencil...
They sent the drawing to Karl - who just happens to be a good mate -

And the consequence was... a new and spectacular design... available in "various colours" of course...

This was (we believe) the prototype at Bristol in 2015 (pls tell us if that is wrong)

Then more tests at Berck in 2016

Culminating in a splendid award at Berck 2017 for "Best Creative Kite"

"No autographs please" - and no speeches too, we hope!

Jacqui managed this photo while flying her green Phoenix in close formation at Berck 2017

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