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Paul & Helene Morgan = Skybums
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Some people describe Paul & Helene as Extrovert - not sure why....?

Margam 2015 - The Purple Helmet with Hit Girl from Kickass the film

(could have been worse - if they came as Purple Ronny & Madame Whiplash)

And when they weren't posing as superheroes, they ran the "Eye Box Kite Workshop"

Margam 2014 looks comparatively sedate!

2013 - They sure do like going to Margam!

This was their "Telephone Box Kite Workshop" at Margam in 2013

2013 - Happy Anniversary at Lechlade - and Chilling with Phil at Berrington

Once upon a time on Southsea Common... long, long ago (thankfully)

2006 - looking pensive & slightly amused, but still pretty cool!

Summer of '82. After a busy day on Barmouth Beach. The day we bought our first kite

1978 - Wow - they even went to Nurburgring in a Mini - not sure it was allowed on the track though!

1976 - who are these (far too young and lovely) people???

Always a pleasure to see you at these events, and to share drinkies and "great craic" with you after dark!

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