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Patrik Koppen

Patrik went to Vliegerfeest Westerhaar 2015 - where he had a little surprise!
This book has travelled far - from England to Fanø to The Netherlands!

Here is his Westerhaar Facebook album
Patrik & Marijke came to JU13 and seemed to enjoy the company of Gits
Here is his Facebook album

along with their "social" activities - "À votre santé!" - or maybe "Prost!"

Some unusual sights were seen at the JU field - some artistic - and some just plain strange...

Bières Sans Frontières!

Tout le monde sourire!

Then we saw Patrik again when "The Purple Lady Came to town"...

There he is - hiding in the middle!

Here is Patrik's excellent guide on how to make a simple card spinner
- Click the photo below for all 16 images of the process, on his Facebook gallery

We look forward to seeing them back in UK in the near future
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