19th Streatham Common Kite Day
15 May 2017 - Postcode SW16 3EN
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For more information contact Richard Payne at streathamkiteday(at)gmail.com
Gits Attending: Keith, Alan, Andrew, Sandra, Janet, Nick, Karl, lots of Kent Kite flyers.
Collin, Martin and various BKF's

Keith's beautiful Kevin Sanders kite - lost after a nutter cut the line with manja
Kite lost at Streatham kite day May 14th 2017
Any news please contact Keith Boxall on Facebook, or email keith(at)kitesoverepsomdowns.co.uk

Neil Lover is the latest recruit to join the GOGs - he took some arresting photos!

Young Lady Police Officer finally caught up with Minkey

Meanwhile... Keith blew loads of bubbles with his wonderful Git Bubble Machine

Carl Robertshaw put on a masterclass with his new Fulcrum design

Great stuff - wanna see some more amazing flying? Fulcrum Promo Video

Facebook Albums:- Alex Kraaijeveld + Neil Lover + Kent Kite Flyers + more KKF
Streathamkiteday.org.uk:- Clare David
Press Reports:- Brixton Buzz Report + photos

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