Jolly Up 20: April 22-23 2017
JU21: August 5-6 details HERE

Gits Attending: Keith, Alan & Anne, Andrew & Sandra & Janet, John B, David P and Dicky
Malcolm & Margaret, Marilyn & Roy, David & June J, Kim & Andrea, Collin and many more!

Friday night it was fish 'n chips for supper, thanks to Roy's Marvellous Zipline!

"The Wave That Went Round The World" - we were amazed & delighted by the responses on FB

Meanwhile the resident bar staff (and hangers-on) took a well-deserved rest

The Gits stayed up late on Friday to welcome a lovely couple all the way from Thetford
Nigel & Wendy Goodswen - The welcome bar stayed open late that night - VERY late - 3:00am
Meanwhile there was some G&T action in more tranquil surroundings...

There were one or two fragile heads later that morning - Scored Zero on the Sympathy Scale

Once again, Nigel & Wendy showed us how it should be done!

Breakfast time for hungry Gits - thankfully Andrew & Sandra were manning the cook tent...

There were a couple of short hairy creatures on site... each with their favourite toy...

We were overjoyed when Libby Scarfe came with Lucy & Jack and Baby Harry in his Little Git outfit!

When they wanted to use the Absent Friends Bench, to feed the baby, that was the icing on the cake.

Facebook Album:- Mike Liversedge + Youtube Video:- David Poole

Jolly Up 21: August 5-6 2017

Thursday - High humidity outside means we needed a Dry Gin Sundowner in Dave's caravan

Friday - This was the start of a busy & eventful weekend... First there was a proper FEB
at the Toby Carvery (since closed down), then it was time to admire Alan's new van...

then "Somebody" needed a good tug... Eh, Malcolm?

After that it was all "Busy, busy, busy" putting up Gazebos and Tents for the expected Hordes

We enjoyed a lovely Git Cold Collation (GCC) in the evening, then tried a "Dicky Gin Cocktail"
as a training run before Saturday's Taste Test Marathon - Verdict:- "Surprisingly good!"

This is a special mix that his Missus enjoys - she is not allowed tonic water on medical grounds!
2 measures of gin + 1 of Cointreau + 1/2 of Elderflower cordial + 1/4 of lemon juice

After that there was a certain amount of frivolity and posing...
We finally persuaded Linda to try a tiny little drink... Libby just loved posing in Ozzy party hats!

Who knew that hula hoops could be hilarious? David looked quite angelic!

Then Keith tried something new... and dangerous... of course!

All I can say is that it involved steel wool and an egg whisk!

Saturday - Quite a lot happened that day... especially weather-wise... It was hot then cold,
it was wet then dry, there was no wind then lots of wind, then there was thunder & lightning!

Good thing the Grumpy Old Kitchen Crew were up early to dish up Dangerous Egg & Bacon Rolls

Linda's banners all looked very pretty - but there was a price to pay...

Careful planning was required, for the timing of the "2nd Great Gin Blind Taste Test"
so it did not clash with the Saturday evening hog roast and auction!
We started at 4:00pm... Here we go!!!

After much animated debate and many, many retests, we had a result...

So this was the order of tasting revealed... and this was the Order of Preference!

Then we all tottered down to the marquee for the hog roast and auction...
(trust me - you do not want to see the Gits devouring chunks of pork - so no photos!)

Then who should we see, making a surprise appearance during the auction....?

Thank you Linda Nicholls for organizing a Skype Call to Gayle & Christian in their Texas home

We were all saddened to hear of the passing of Bog Dog - Bonnie the Big Yellow Labrador

Somehow the tasting & testing went on after the hog roast, late into the night...

Came the dawn... there were 5 empty gin bottles, including a whole bottle of Lidl's
Hortus Summer Gin - which was the Gittesden favourite back in July!

Not sure if it counts as a side effectof such over-indulgence, but Nigel had "Wobbly Bottom Syndrome"

Sunday - What a beautiful day - fair winds, warm & dry - so the Gits got their toys out...

Of course there was the infamous Spud Cannon... Soo was dying to have a go!

I think she enjoyed that!

Many kite fliers took to the air - Neil Lover was there with his video cam...
Thanks Neil - Great Stuff!

Then you know that "Kids Of All Ages" like to play with bubbles...
Ginormous Bubble Mix + GOG Bubble Flags
Use distilled water or very soft tap water, with JOY or FAIRY wash-up liquid.
J-Lube is on Ebay (£11.99) enough powder for probably 200 galls of mixture.
You do have to be prepared for some funny emails after ordering.
For a different bubble dispenser, look on Ebay for "Cotton Rope Net" - you can get a piece 200 x 120cm
for £5.09 - cut it up to make 3 "Bubble Flags" to unleash a blizzard of bubbles with very little effort!

This was a joint project using the combined talents of Dicky, Keith and "Electric Arfur"
He has now started his own web page on this subject, if you'd like to know more - Click Here

Luckily we had all trained hard to handle Wendy's Monstrous Delicious Yummy Carrot Cake!

Special group photo to send our love and support to Gayle & Christian

Then there was just the packing up and clearing away,
followed by a week of rest & repairs before Teston weekend!
(and Rijsbergse Vliegerdagen the weekend after that!)

Facebook Albums:- Andrew Scott + WHKF Photo Gallery + WHKF Linda's Tour
A Big Grumpy "Thank You" to Sally Thompson for her generous gift
of a box of Yoyos & Fidget Spinners for the Hospice Kids

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