GOG gonfalon and banner
David & June Johnson - a.k.a. "The Man from Avon"

David enjoyed the Ozfeathers Workshop at Swindon in 2015 (when he wasn't mucking about)
He made a very lovely "Family" banner, which must have earned him serious Brownie points!

Smug Mode with Brasington at Portsmouth 2014

Dave & June playing with their Bols at Jollyup 15 - 2014

at Bristol 2013

Giving orders with Team Roly at Bristol 2013

Looking twee at the Purple Lady's Banner Workshop - Swindon 2013

Man of Mystery at dieppe 2012

Down there somewhere at Weymouth 2012

at Bristol 2011

at Berck 2011

What a Load of Pants - Brighton 2010

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