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angel Phil (The Flames) Scarfe 15/03/1949 - 19/08/2015 angel

Our Hearts Go Out To Libby, Lucy and all the Scarfe Family

Phil was well remembered at the Bristol Kite Festival 2015 - Friends of WHKF FB Album

His funeral at Reading was also well attended - Details Here
as was Phil's Last Wish at L.U.T.S. 2015 -
Details Here

To see his page on Drachen Foundation website - Click Here

We were so pleased that Phil & his lovely family made it to Jollyup on August 2nd 2015
Here they are lined up to watch the Christian+Gayle Handfasting Ceremony

Phil had a fine time at the GOG Christmas Party: 20 Dec 2014


at Lechlade WHKF Fun Fly - September 2014

Dieppe Sept. 2014 - Phil managed to scare a lot of people that day!

Here is Phil acting as Umbrella Holder in Chief, resplendent in solar topee at Jollyup 15 - August 2014

and here being helpful, as usual!

Basingstoke 2014 on the 'Absent Friends Bench' with Harry D

Alan Cosgrove found these photos from Jollyup 13 in 2013... Precious Memories in the Jolly Farmer!

Bristol 2011 Minkey took advantage of the situation

and in June 2010 at Gittesden...

Phil flew THREE of his kites together

The Sky was Philled

A domesticated Phil - Leominster 2010

Phil has travelled far and wide, once to run a workshop at the Oregon Kite Retreat 7-10 January 2010

(where he also displayed a killer streak at air hockey)

LUTS 2009 - enjoying a roaring brassiere (he said)

Kingsfold 2009 - alfresco FEB

Phil's Kitemaking Workshop Oct 2008 at Swindon
Keith and Alan made kites.

John came along to annoy everyone (successfully) on the Sunday

Bangers, Beans and Mash - sustenance for the eager participants

(Note how Phil is wearing his Grumpy Old Gits T-shirt with pride)

and here is "Super-Phil" posing in full costume at Basingstoke - June 2008 - scary, huh?

and a long time ago with Ray Oakhill: (quote) No idea who took the pic,
which was taken at Bristol 2007. By the look of us, we both had had a bevvy or two.
The original title was "Two Young Men @ Bristol". Ray

and back when the world was young - Phil reverse engineered a Flexifoil Stacker and made this lovely stack!

then, just for fun, he knocked up this custom Stacker with skull design!

Swindon 2006 - Phil was included in the design for the festival poster
- then he rolls up with an octopus kite he made having copied the poster sketch - what a man!

Our Alan came across this nice shot of Phil relaxing at Cliddesden

anybody know when this might have occurred?

Some of the the text accompanying these photos is based on hearsay
- if you know better, please tell Dicky?

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