Jolly Up 16: April 25-26 2015
For JU17 in August Click HERE
As Houlgate has been cancelled for 2015, there should be more Gits than usual at JU16
- and by golly there were! Peter cut short his trip to Berck and got to Cliddesden to join in the fun.

The weather was a bit hit and miss - sometimes cold and wet, sometimes warm, dry and sunny. We were very glad of the Git Gazebo, to keep the chill winds at bay - from the West on Friday and Saturday, then even colder from the East on Sunday. We kept our spirits up with a selection of exotic wines from Teston, along with plenty of Wasabi and Chilli nibbles for extra warmth! Some of us found the chilly nights a bit too much to bear, and decamped to B&B - aah the joys of a comfy bed, proper flush toilet and power shower!

In the Beginning, there were just three hardy souls - then there was Git Camp
Note the amount of cloud in the 2nd photo - that was the tone for most of the weekend

We were delighted to see Phil The Flames come to visit on the Saturday, after his recent spell in hospital
- Thank You Libby for letting him out to play

We wish him well and will be watching his progress with love in our hearts.

Keith got his new purple Ursus Volans flying well after a reluctant start...

Hello - somebody appears to have a bear fetish - OI!!! what's he doing now?

There were all sorts of creatures in the sky...

The Larks Head Bar was kept busy on Friday and Saturday night...

Friday night we had Fish 'n Chips from the Jolly Farmer - delivered by the nifty new Zip-line

Roy has plans to motorise it soon - probably with a V6 engine!

The Auction did very well - top item being a one-off rok by Roy Broadley, that hit the £300 mark - awesome!
There was plenty left over for the silent auction on Sunday and some bargains were snapped up!

After the auction, the Gits and their Git Chums went off to party in the Git Gazebo

The Absent Friends Bench did sterling service, with Old Friends and New pausing to rest their legs
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Tradition has it that a few "Arty Shots" are taken, to try and prove we are not complete plebs...

and just for fun - a couple of "Mystery Images"...

Mark Harding and Tony Brown - Mark sent in this photo, following the sad loss of Tony Brown in August 2019
We send all our love and condolences to Margaret, and will be at Tony's funeral in full kite festival regalia

The Gits came back to Cliddesden twice more, before the next official Jollyup...
We wanted to do our very best to make that weekend super special for Gayle and Christian.

There were "things" to do, invent, try out, rehearse and practice...
We started the fun & games on Gittesden weekend... and finished just a week before JU17

Some things were created, developed, rehearsed & went well - and then some didn't!
(for that is The Way of The Git)

Jolly Up 17: August 1-2 2015
Dawn breaks on Friday 31st - the start of a Beautiful Day
- and a weekend to remember!

Friday sunset - too good a chance to miss...

and later - after dark - with the help of some pretty LED lights...

Everybody who came to this event could feel it was something special & unforgettable
"Love Was In The Air" in every sense - so many good things happening...

Friday 31st July - Peter's 65th Birthday
We helped him celebrate this momentous occasion in the usual random Git fashion...

First he was persuaded to do a little close-up testing of some dodgy Git pyrotechnics...
- as it was his birthday, we even provided ear defenders and a groundsheet to lie on
- that's how much we care!

Then when he recovered from that, we fed him large amounts of carrot cake...

and persuaded him to join Keith in a slightly risky "Dance of The Twirling Sparklers"

then Paul Morgan came along to "help"...

and Christian.... thank you for that - I think!

Saturday 1st August - Gayle & Christian's Official Weird Wedding
Handfasting Ceremony / Marriage Party thing - with 90 souls in attendance.

Click Here for full sized image

The special handfasting rings - "Two Dragons Entwined Around a Green Jewel"

And then there was the "21 Bang Salute"... well 17 or 18 actually - close enough by Git standards!
Technical details HERE

Also very happy for Alex Kraaijeveld (who takes wonderful photos)
and Irma Adriaanse to visit our "Absent Friends" bench seat.

Facebook Photo albums by:- Alex Kraaijeveld + Donald Capewell

Video Clip by Keith Boxall (1.9MB) Click HERE
Dicky decided to go home for Sunday lunch - got stuck in horrendous traffic jam on A31 - LOL

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