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Nick James

Forward Planning for Dieppe 2016
Hi, just thought I would give you some info about my installation in the wind garden in Dieppe.
We were asked by the organisers to submit proposals which they the accepted or rejected.
I proposed and was accepted for a plan for an 'installation' called Breathing Space.
This is again based on a three minute Buddhist meditation.
The idea is that members of the public take a breather from the busy crowds
to sit on the "Absent Friends Bench" and revive their spirits.

I think that the bench is really appropriate as this is also a time to remember absent friends.

There will be Feather Angels and 'pods' on poles surrounding the bench.
Of course I will mention the gits in my signs at the installation.
I will also invite people to take photos of themselves on the bench & send them to my Nick James Kitemaker
facebook page. I can then also share them with the Grumpy Old Gits.

I did something like this at Bristol last year and was very pleased with the results.

May 2016 - Nick had a great time in Cervia

and here is his Cervia 2016 Facebook Photo Album
and a rather beautiful video... Cervia Kite Festival 2016

Nick seems to like getting his feet wet - here he is in Cervia 2015

22/05/2015 - Keith dropped in for coffee en route to Margam

Nick and Kelvin 2nd June 2013

A flight of angels will sing him to his rest

bandit at 12 o'clock angels 5

with Tutenkah-grommit in Bristol 2013

Nick's angels much loved by Keith & Alan at Jolly-up field, Cliddesden 2013

zut alors, j'ai perdu la moitié de ma bicyclette!

Dieppe 2013 in the parade around the town

With Nick James & Kelvin at Basingstoke 21st Kite Festival 2013

wish module at Basingstoke 21st Kite Festival 2013

May you be well - sending all our love to those who need it most

a beautiful shrine from 2013

With Olle Nessle in Sardinia 2012

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