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We do like going to .....................
Kew Bridge Steam Museum

This was another "Sterling" Day in April 2009

First Outing for the super new Banner
Alan shouts the orders to keep the thing straight

Margaret and Malcolm came too - on their Harleys

Minkey had to have a spin. Here he is mastering the turn left technique

This super little Stirling might be upside down or maybe it works both ways.... or?

Engines big and small

This one is running a whole miniature workshop

John's Favourite was there.

To see it in action, see the film from our previous visit to Kew in 2008

Can you see the look of disbelief on Jessica's face?

Minkey is having his doubts as well.

Hot Cross Bun Minkey?

How is it that he always gets special attention from the ladies?

We met Jim again.

"Do you see, John? These little magnets make the armature
rock and they make this wheel whiz around".
Click on the picture to see Jim's machine going.

Pretty useful things Stirling engines. You can make music with 'em.

Click the picture and listen to the music.

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