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Otmoor to see the Starlings

We're always on the look out for a different Grand Day Out.
So after John told us about the Starlings at Otmoor we decided we had to go.
As usual John's research had been extensive and thorough.
John had been in contact with an expert who lives locally. Using his knowledge,
 we decided that the weather on Saturday 24th January was going to be perfect.
So the phone calls were made and luckily we were all available.

Armed with Warm clothing, water proof shoes and a fine array of photographic equipment we all met up at Maurice's
As is usual we got lost on the way, but after asking directions twice we arrived...
only to be told by a local twitcher, that the starling have not been there for a month !
Undaunted we parked and set off for starlings, hoping that today they would come.
We were sadly let down. We did see starlings... just six !

After taking a few pictures and commiserating with other starling watchers we headed back to the car.
Once there we consoled ourselves with a hot mug of coffee, thanks John and Maurice.
Special thank you to Betty for the Choc Chip Cookies

Can you see the Starlings?
Can you see the Starlings?

Do we look sad?
Do we look sad?

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