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29-30 AUGUST 2009

Andrew Scott took some splendid photos Click HERE to see his Facebook Album

Simon Hennessey always takes great photos Click HERE to see his Facebook Album

Sincere thanks also to Ivo van Olmen for his Facebook Album

Vimeo:- from Stephan Caspar

Dutch kite designer Jan van Leeuwen's School Bus

The Beatles live at portsmouth

Some Froggies (there were kite flyers from other countries as well)

One of Janneke Groen's fantastic 'Sode' kites

John flew his Dragon Kite for the first time

Does this bit go here?

Ready to launch, Paul in the distance, John beaming

An excellent flyer (I hope we're referring to the kite)

click on the image below to see video

Busy back-drop.

Getting a bit arty

Later John and Keith did some KAP - What a puller!!

Nice day at the seaside

Fair View

A Bit Arty, eh?

Nice shadows

John just has to get in on the act

A BIG THANK you to all the catering crew for a fantastic meal
We know you're not all in the picture, but we do appreciate all you do for us

There's not enough sausages, don't drop that burger Glenn

Alan's Electric Kite, the one that started it all - click image for video

Meanwhile, at the fair, people are getting upset tummies

And finally.........  a Night KAP

More at www.portsmouthkitefestival.org.uk
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