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Happy Birthday


(The Master)

Maurice on a kiddy slide
You're never too old!

 Minkey showed us the way
sign 'way out' sign 'to the village'

The Gits slipped back in time
To Celebrate The Master's Birthday

Old Gits time-warping
Bekonscot look out!!

We're always reflecting

Gollywog plaque
Back to the days when you could call a Golly Wog a Golly Wog

the zoo
The zoo

Railway and pier, complete with brass band

Planes, Train and Castle

model fire brigade in action
Putting the fire out

the happy bunch
What a happy bunch

Will you sit still !!

gits in a telephone box Minkey + Bekonscot female staff

Minkey always charms the ladies
How many Gits can you fit in an Old Telephone box?

Crocus flowers
Pretty Crocus or should that be Croci

Homeward bound

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