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Crossness Pumping Station 23 August 2009
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Can this be called a Grand Day Out?
a DemiGrand day out? After all only two Gits went...
After donning our Hard Hats we were allowed into the pump room.

I must say a Very Big Thank you to all those wonderful volunteers
who have worked so hard so that all of us can appreciate this
amazing piece of Victorian engineering - Well done everyone!

Before and after a clean-up and careful paint job

Lots more still to do!

The Prince Consort Engine has been renovated - Victoria is next

How things looked before renovating (Alan wearing Hard hat)

How things look now - thank you Peter
Thank you so much for having the courage to pose with Minkey

Minkey checking the bearing

One of Victoria's cylinders

What a magnificent view with Prince Consort running in the background

This took a lot of careful work - see these smashing videos:-
Steam Day 2013 ~ BBC Video ~ Youtube Search Results

Some of the splendid people involved with Crossness

The Prince of Wales opened Crossness in 1865
and is a fine example of Victorian Engineering & Architecture.

There are 4 beam engines Prince Consort, that we saw running today,
Victoria which is being restored, Albert Edward and Alexandra.

Please see www.crossness.org.uk for more details

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