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Old Warden Aerodrome

Pilot Training Day: 15th April 2009
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Thank You Maurice, for a Fantastic day out
It started the minute we arrived

Click on picture to see take off!

(you will note, this is a very slow running engine)

Wow - a very low, slow, steep banking flyby!

The sound is brilliant

I'll find it in a minute

Minkey was happy to watch the planes

The one we had been waiting for - Sounded just wonderful

Just so beautiful

That's a bit too close

Safely down

What are they doing?

That's Clever

Here we go again


Well Done

Fly past

We didn't just have cake, the restaurant is to be recommended

After Lunch we had a look at the Museum

Minkey wanted to play with the model planes.........

.........we don't have time, come on.

Minkey busy

He liked the MG

There are some great old planes, a lot of them actually fly

The Group Photo

Just for John

We did find a Kite

We had company with our afternoon tea

Too soon, it was time to put all the planes away, little did we know there was still fun to be had

What's a day out, without a bit of kite flying - eh Maurice?

Ping! "Retire that line Maurice"....Oh No! Not the tree...........CRASH??????
Click picture to see where tree is, zoom out and you will see it's in the middle of a huge open space

As a warning to others, "watch out for this tree"
Well someone had to do it

The Master directs the  rescue

Pipa finally flying - on a much heavier line!

Let this be a warning to all you kite flyers out there
P.S. have you retired that line yet, Maurice?

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