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A huge crowd enjoyed this Grand Day Out
It was a lovely warm sunny Spring day

We saw a lot of flying machines.

This one warmed out hearts because it looked so much like a kite.

Look at all those strings, eyelets and ferrules.

Educational Stuff. You can learn a lot here.

"Look at this Alan; it's fascinationg. What is it?"

We saw hundreds of aircraft......

I suppose this is why they are called hangars

This one is pretty - it may look like an Airfix model but it is really real.

More aeroplanes than you could shake a stick at.

This explains just how a jet engine works

Of course, this engine works quite differently

We learnt how to fly Concorde - Quite easy, really

Minkey was the star of course - he flew everything in sight

After checking the registration.......

He went for a ride on this WWII ambulance

Great efforts were put into getting the right shots....

- like this one. Two engines driving counter-rotating props. Clever.

Every now and then, we had to pose for a group shot

Then we had more aircraft to see

The Master took everything in his stride ... sitting down.

Fred was very friendly and helpful. He took to Minkey straight away.

Even though the little fellow disobeyed every notice he saw

Here he is helping out at the ARP station.

This is Sally B an airworthy B17 Flying Fortress

But on the other side, she is the Memphis Belle. What is going on?

Whatever her name is, look what is coming out of those zips!

Minkey just had to fly the Gyrocopter

But became a little dangerous when taking control of the GE M16 six-barrelled rotary cannon

This is a VC10 impersonating a diving whale

Naturally, Alan and John got lost at times.

On the way to the American hangar, we saw this stark reminder of the cost of war.
Each aircraft is one lost by the USAF flying out of the UK.
The path winds along for a long way....

Blackbird: a menacing Mach 3 monster

See the pipe going up from the bottom left to the hydraulic valve at the right?
That's the one which makes all the difference when going into afterburn mode.

This is a rather charming shot of a Superstar down the end of a section of a Supergun

An arty shot looking out of the US hangar

Trust Minkey to find the Git Bin.

After a last look at the Pilcher Glider, the stairs we a bit much. So lift it was.

Riding the bus back. Tired but happy.

We found the Fox and Hounds at Barley where we had eats.

Alan was contemplating something - probably: "What a Good Day Out"

Minkey was probably thinking the same.

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