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The Gits go to Ardingly Showground

Super weather and wind just right

John's Bees flew in a blue sky

It wasn't Keith's birthday (yet) but he got a cake anyway

Being as how it was the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, there were CONKERS
As Glenn had his drill and Keith had a wonking great ball of hairy string, we had a game or two

John is lining up his shot. Keith (the Other one) is much more interested in some flying thing

Despite the other Keith's silly grin, this is serious. - You can see just how apprehensive Mr Boxall is.
He's thinking "Here comes another nasty painful crack on the arm bones"

Danny's technique was unbeatable; he ended up with a niner (and lots of bruises - serves him right)

This is an interesting picture. Note the efficient use of cable ties

As usual, we spent some time looking at all the stalls, exhibits, shows, demonstrations and chickens
Minkey tried on a Peruvian hat - just to see

There are some interesting things to note about this picture:

Les has a defiant look (Thank you Les for the ice-creams).
Keith is wearing his new hat - replete with feathers from 231 different breeds of chicken.
Glenn has really swish flame braces
The hut looks twee from the outside - awfully claustrophobic inside. Shall not buy one
Oh, and Minkey just likes being in photographs!

Minkey then upstages Punch. The children loved him

We saw lots and lots of chickens....
This one is a Snowy Owl Chicken

This one is an Eagle Owl Chicken (short, fat drumsticks)

We did a lot of KAP.
Keith was thrilled with his new video downlink. He can now see what the camera sees
The rig still takes millions of shots all by itself but that aspect is being addressed and
soon he might have some control over what he takes (but he will still be hyperactive)

Here is an overall picture of the Ardingly site; arena grandstand, kiting field, stalls, funfair and all.
See the string? That shows that it is a genuine KAP picture (NOT a ruddy drone)

Now we get to the arty straight-down shots....

The Group Photograph just had to be KAP....

Bit difficult to get everyone together last thing on Sunday
Note the extreme skill of the kite flyer (dressed in purple) and the guide man (dressed in red)

What a shot!
(Really must develop this technique for future Group Photographs.)

When we saw the HMS Collingwood Volunteer Cadet Corps with their cannons, ENVY set in
We popped Rookies into the barrel and the BANGS were very satisfying

(Click on the picture to get the effect - only 3.27MB)

The cannons (they had two) were naval cannons used by the army at the Relief of Ladysmith

Relief of Ladysmith

This is the very thing the Gits have been looking for - We made them an offer
Since each one was insured for £300,000, our offer was turned down

Ooh look - it's the Mad Hatter!

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