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L I G H T  U P  T H E  S K Y
Alan flew his Chinese wonderlight kite. That did light up the sky.
What a lovely opportunity to bring out the BANGS
This year, we lit a few candles at Cliddesden

Essential preparatory work

What a comfort to sit around a nice red-hot BRASSIERE

The Shatterer & 60mm Frightener + Spud Gun all came out of hiding - much to the delight of all
Mostly though, we were overjoyed with the candles - Prototypes only but impressive nonetheless

The Gits were overjoyed with the lovely flame & mushroom cloud - Click to see the thrilling Video
(Thank you Phil for the pics and videos)

Click above image to see the Shatterer in action

All went very satisfactorily until we saw an APPARITION:
Close encounters of the Git Kind
Click the picture to be very, very scared!
Whilst we were happily idling around the BRASSIERE, we were being observed
by Intelligences from Elsewhere (i.e. IFE's)

During the afternoon, the wind was perfect for a bit of KAP.
The rig was very steady and Keith captured a lot of very good views from on high:

The M3 looking North - Downtown Basingstoke in the distance. (Pretty kite as well.)

Cliddesen. Look at Hackwood Lane winding off in the distance.

Some lovely colours and shades in Cliddesden.

A Bit higher here - Another excellent shot
There are many more pics of this quality. I'm sure Keith would be pleased to share them if you ask him

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