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11th October 2009 - A bit overcast and drizzly...
OSOW. Gits, Hindhead Commons and some KAP

It was decided, as last year had been so much fun, we'd celebrate OSOW 2009
somewhere where kites are not normally flown

To this end, Hindhead Commons was selected.
Google Maps are very useful for finding kite flying sites

10 O'clock was the time, the National Trust Devil's Punch Bowl car park the place

A very nice coffee was had at the National Trust Cafe, where we discovered they do the FEB
Something to remember the next time

We were very disappointed to find the Common Car Park, which we had selected
as the place for Base Camp, was locked. Never mind we can walk. Do us good.

So, armed with all the gear, we crossed the road and ventured into the unknown
After a 10 to 15 min walk we found a good open spot to launch the kite.
Wind quite strong but manageable. Alan makes a good anchor

Camera on KAP rig, all plugs and connections checked and away the camera went.
I have recently added an A/V transmitter to rig, so we were able to see what the camera saw

Well John, what have we got? "Boring, heather, gorse and some trees"

"Let's move down the path. Still more heather and gorse!"
I did wonder if we'd see Holly and Ivy

Just then we had our first encounter with fellow commoners.

They were intrigued with the kite (don't think they had ever see anything like it at Hindhead)
and then amazed that there was a camera hanging on the line.
Even more exciting; they could see what the camera was looking at!

They had to learn all about the Grumpy Old Gits.........
........ and the ladies had to have their photograph taken with Minkey

It was very lucky we found these people as they pointed us toward our final destination - Gibbet Hill
Being Grumpy Old Gits, we don't ever need maps and compasses!

On our journey, we encounter many groups, couple and families who were intrigued
to find three grown men out in the countryside with a big kite and a Minkey,
taking photographs of wonderful scenery, Minkey, fungus, toadstools and ourselves

Minkey loves climbing and Alan has a lovely smile

After many detours we arrived at Gibbet Hill were there is a superb viewing point.
The wind was picking up but we felt we had to give it a go.
Not only that, we had an audience! Many of the people we had meet on the way were there

All went very well at first, we had sunshine in the valley below and all looked good for KAP,
but as the wind picked up we had to tie the kite line to a sturdy National Trust post,
so we could have a rest

Sturdy Post

Over the trees, you can see the A3 and the tunnel workings

With the wind stiffening Keith was wondering why he had not retired his 15 year old line yet. 
His kite had have never been seen so distorted against the wind

OK, time to retrieve the camera.
This took some doing, but we managed to remove the KAP rig from the line.
Good job there were three of us

Then, while packing the camera away, disaster struck The wind suddenly shifted
and before we could release the kite she landed in a tree................

How embarrassing

Let's pack all the gear up, and then have a look - On inspection of the kite and the tree
it was felt that the only way to salvage the kite would be to cut the bridle lines

To this end, John used his knotting skills to attach Keith's penknife to a roach pole. WELL DONE John

I should explain that using the local knowledge from our new friends, we were able to bring the van
right up to Gibbet Hill, so that we had all the rescue gear on hand

After a lot of sawing, hacking and the odd cramp, (not easy, bracing oneself against the branches
of a tree and holding onto a roach pole) the bridle lines were cut

What a relief! That's a lot of kite to abandon to a tree

During the rescue, it started to rain so now we were wet and cold but Alan had promised hot soup
and a sandwich, so we retired to the van; luckily now only a few feet away
Did that food taste good!

Alan always looks after us - but this time it was extra special. WELL DONE Alan!

Once we were fed and rested we embarked on the last part of our journey
Sadly this last bit was to defeat Alan. It was too steep. He may have got down, but I don't think
we would have got him back up, and I didn't want to be the one to tell Anne we'd left him behind

John, Minkey and Keith pressed on to the North bore of the Hindhead tunnel

an amazing piece of engineering with Tonka toys littered all over

When we climbed back up the hill. who should we spot but a.......


Then up to the van for fresh brewed Coffee...

Since there were so many lovely FUNGI, we just had to capture some images.........

And some Sweet Chestnuts..

It takes more than overcast weather and a bit of rain to dampen the GIT SPIRIT
We had a fine time

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