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Kew Bridge Steam Museum: 27 April 2008

For More Info Click HERE

On Top of the World, well, Kew

We were at the top of this standpipe tower
(Built 1867, 197 feet high - 261 steps, so they say)

Children at play
They were so well behaved, John & Malcolm try to operate a steam engine

Margaret stopping the Boulton & Watt engine

And was certified for doing so!! (I thought we were all certified)

There were outdoor toys for the "boys" to muck about with...

Alan actually went back and did it again

And Keith had to show John how to do it

Elementary My Dear Boxall!

Malcolm admiring John's photography

This is getting close to rivaling Maurice's workshop

What's this?

A bit of rusty old metal on a bench......................do I win a prize?

How do you get everyone to Watch the Birdie?

The Grand Junction 90 Inch Beam Engine

This is what Engineering is all about - Click and watch!

For some reason the Gits were not blacklisted here & returned in 2009

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