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June 13-15th 2008

Thank you Ron, Jane, Louise and all involved
with the running and organising of
The Teston Kite Fun Weekend

We had a FANTASTIC time
We do hope Teston will recover

We will be Back!

The weather forecast was for lots of heavy showers
and some pretty serious rain!

Ron put in his order and He heard.

If you get up very early, you can see the bunnies
I kept tripping over them all day

Gitcamp - Where are the Naughty Boys?

While others work...

Full English Well on the Way

The Meaty Bit

Early Morning Kiter

The Master showing the Correct Way to Hold a Reel

TAP: Master Class

TAP: Tina and Some Gits

Git Transport - Thanks Chris - That's what you call a motorised wheel chair

No one will ever know but I know, Keith heh-heh-heh...

What are they hoping to catch?

Checking the fuse...

Click for Video

Now how can we make this very dangerous?

John imparting his wisdom

Surely that's the Ladies...?
Are you allowed to smoke in the Ladies?

I do hope there's no pipe ash in the water bottles

Three Old Gits wait (im)patiently for their evening fodder - actually June2006!

Night time exploits  CLICK for a Big Bang

Thanks Anne and Alan you did us proud, again
Will you SIT DOWN Alan!!!

Watch out John - I'm getting good with the tripod

Who let the Hoodie in?

The Fruit Cakes Went Down Well
Recipes to appear soon, sorry John!

After cake, what else but.... ENTERTAINMENT!
We understand that The Apprentice volunteered to act as a moving target...

The crowd watched with great interest - rather like at the Colosseum in olden days...

The Grumpy Old Gits have a new sign
Thank you Collin, thank you Louise, we will bring it back in August

The Naughty Boys Behaving (almost)

The Whole Jolly Crew

Click on pictures for high res.

Kite Washing
These kiters have washed their kites in the Medway and are now drying them out

For more recent Teston adventures please CLICK HERE

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