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Git Events Diary 2008

A Lovely Local (if you live nearby) Kite Festival - Echoes of Brenzett Mud.
This is where real Grumpy Old Gits came into there own, putting on a great display of kites and teddy dropping under extreme conditions (are you listening John), including a very Hazardous kite rescue, I do hope Dennis appreciated the effort involved, I think it will take a week to recover from the athletic excesses involved, Thanks to Alan for holding on and Collin for the roach pole.
Houlgate Plein Vent GOG Web Page
Brittany, France 16-28 April
Les Gits were there and what a FABULOUS time we had
Lovely country, lovely people, lovely kites, lovely food, lovely weather, lovely wine & beer.
Can't wait for next year!!!!

What an Exibition - there were some very sexy machines there
John was particularly disappointed that his chip board floorboards
would not be able to take the weight of a lovely 10 ton, 5 axis machining centre
Jollyup 2 GOG Web Page
Thank you Hayley & Roy and all involved in organizing  the really FANTASTIC Jolly Up 2
Kite festivals don't get much better than this

Would you trust these people with your Teddy Bear?

A Huge Thank you, to Antonius Meijer Of High Performance Machinery
For Our new Teddy Bear Banner - You can rest assured we will look after it
Basingstoke Facebook Photo Album
Teston Kite Fun Weekend GOG Web Page
Thank you Ron, Jane, Louise and all involved with the running and organising
We had a FANTASTIC time
Brighton Kite Festival GOG web Page
12th & 13th July 2008 in Stanmer Park
What a great Weekend.
A big Thank you to everyone who helped put a fantastic festival together
TEWKY II, 26th,27th July GOG Web Page
Quite subdued for a GoG's festival, but very, very enjoyable
Thanks to everyone involved, we'll be there next year
Golden valley Kite Fliers
Teston The Big One GOG Web Page
8th,9th10th August 2008
What a fantastic, splendid, super duper weekend.
We had a wonderful time, even though the weather and wind was not on always our side
Dieppe 6th-14th Sept GOG Web Page
The magic one
Kingsfold 27th,28th September GOG Web Page
1812 and other BANGS
Ardingly KAP GOG Web Page
Low temperature, High rain, High wind
OSOW 12th October GOG Web Page
Lovely warm Day. Some KAP in Southampton
Kite Workshop Swindon Oct 2008 GOG Web Page
Alan and Keith made kites + John annoyed.

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