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Teston 1812 Rehearsals - Aug 2008

An enormous amount of intensive preparation was carried out
in the days ahead of the much anticipateded Cultural Event

First at Teston: Here, cut this off, would you?

.......and I'll join in up here ......somewhere...

or should it be here? - or here?

The First Test Firing at Teston (advise fingers in ears)

* click and see *

Teston Bridge from the air - no signs of damage!
(but no birds or wildlife to be seen within a 1/2 mile radius)

Then in the safe seclusion of Roy's field: (despite stringent security, some rumours got out)
All this seems neat enough - but should we consider a simpler version?

No, it looks just right ... Gittish.    Perfect

This is the MK II Firing board, MK I was a complete failure
The Gits went Off Prematurely

The Mark I Igniter proved to be 100% reliable
That's more than can be said for the Maestro

Just got to put the balloons on now...

That Control Centre doesn't look rainproof somehow

Superb aerial shot showing that we chose the better of the two fields for our practice
(could well have set fire to the hay drying in the top field)
and then back to Teston for more rehearsals...

Another Aerial shot of Teston - wot a lot of peeples!

This was taken during one of our public rehearsals

We invited a lot of people to come along so that we could rigorously evaluate
the Audio System, Crowd Control and the Safety Arrangements

Finally, as part of the Teston August Kite Thing the Cultural Event itself!

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