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Kingsfold 2008

Wonderful Sunny and Warm Weather (Not much wind though)

Off the A24 is the track to Wattlehurst Farm

You will know when you have arrived......

it's all about indians.... (cowboys later)....

Lovely Ladies.............

and Glorious Steam things

Saturday Morning - Of course, we have to start with our Full English

Big Celebration on Saturday: Alan's Birthday!

And then we all go off to Deadwood... Minkey grabs a lift

On the way, he meets a Fine Lady

.. and enjoys the view of the lake

In Deadwood, Minkey decides he wants to go gold prospecting

.. and take up a bit of blacksmithing

And meet up with some more ladies!

Of course, it doesn't take him long to find the Saloon and to misbehave himself

Inevitably, he gets arrested.........

and ends up in gaol!

Probably, it's the safest place to be when the shootout takes place

The old Trapper looks on dispassionately

On the way back, who should we bump into but...
Tina and Ron enjoying nice cup-of-teas and a piece of cake

THEN we try to fly some kites in no wind!

After Alan's Birthday and our trip to Deadwood, the next BIG thing is the...... CULTURAL EVENT

The Gits (with a little help from Pyotr Il'yich) are to repeat their spectacular 1812

After working perfectly for a month or so, the amplifier behaves dismally

Performance due at 7.00pm - John is thinking (at 7.10pm) "We'll have to cancel"

That'll do - All is set up and ready to go - except the amplifier!

John is twitching nervously and saying several things about the amplifier

THEN.. the sound suddenly works - relief!!

Pretty Balloons

Do you know, I think I can see the ISS - Yes, there it is. Up There!

Klaxon in hand (but stll as nervous as a kitten)
John is ready to announce the start to the waiting throng

Keith looks dazed (after his struggle with the amplifier), but happy

THEN.. the performance went perfectly
What spectacular pictures! These two are from Colin. Thank you Colin; they are splendid

These three are from Dave C. Aren't they brilliant? Thank you Dave

click picture to see video


We then had a splendid meal (Steak, Sausages and Salad and many choices for dessert)
Thank you Alan and Anne - And then pancakes - Thank you Les

Sunday Morning - Another smashing Full English

Then there was the so-called "Scientific Experiment With A Bucket"...

Buckets: 0  John: 2 
Click the picture to play Video (19.7MB)

Glenn Baked a Special Kite Cake - Yummy!

Watch out - he's got a gurt big knife!!!

Then, after blowing up a bucket and scoffing cake, there was a little bit of a breeze.
Eventually (quite late in the afternoon), Keith coaxed his kite and KAP gear up into the sky

On the way up, some people, unable to resist a camera, made sure they featured in the low-level shots

The Whites saying "Cheeeeeese"

John and Erica with their smiles

Here is the field where we had some fun last year

Here is the lake

(different animals this year)

Most people have now packed up....

But one solitary busker remains with his didge - hoping for just a few last coppers

Thank you Big John for setting us kiters up at Kingsfold

Thank you all the jolly Kiters for making Kingsfold 2008 a really memorable festival

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