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Houlgate Plein Vent: 16-28 Avril 2008

We're on our way, thanks to the man we accosted to take this picture
Watch out for the helicopter!

Les Gits were there and what a FABULOUS time we had
Lovely country, lovely people, lovely kites,
Lovely food, lovely weather + lovely wine & beer
Can't wait for next year !!!!

From Dieppe to Houlgate, we drove via Rouen - The Cathdral at Rouen
is truly awe-inspiring - the height and splendour take your breath away..

Spirits over Houlgate

What have you done John?

Everyone flew a kite

* click the picture to see Minkey in action *

Alan quickly grasps the Situation

ENGLAND: the A Team arrived by Transporter Beam

That's the way to do it

The lazy way to fly your kite

Michel Dehaye took super aerial shots at Houlgate

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