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Horton Farm: 3-5 May 2008

Now where did I put the sausages?

The day started in the correct manner

Minky Flying with his usual aplomb

JB strikes again 

That's the way to do it 

That really is a monster

 Glenn's Star Burst Rok, very appropriate for Grumpy Old Gits 

Land of Hope and Glory

.......and by Arc Light

May the fourth be with you 

 John's found just the car 

We are into kites 

The Happy Bunch 

 Git Camp
(Thanks Alan for letting me use your kite)

1.001 Gits 

We had lovely weather

What a Lovely Bunch 
want to see in 4.7MB high resolution? Click picture

Coffee and Bread Pud

Absent Friends

The 60mm Frightener...

* Click on the above picture to be frightened *

The Bees Buzzed
* Click on the above picture to see the little beauties *

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