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WET CAERFFILI: 20-21 August 2010!

Look at that weather!

One Git and The Apprentice went to Wales (£5.50 to get in)
to fly kites at the Blackwood Kite night event.

We arrived in Caerffili and had a look around the castle

Lovely weather for ducks

Best not to stand too near.

The remains of this tower are destined to fall over in the next 7 years

We discovered some really good weapons.
The gits would really like to have these
We would be able to chuck all sorts of things around kite festivals!





In the castle, we saw nooks and walls and tunnels and towers and all sorts

They said there were ghosts:

and sure enough, we saw one!

To photograph this

you need to stand like this:

That brolly was really essential

Do you know, Tommy Cooper was born in Caerffili?

"Juzz like tha!"

Departing shot before we went off to Blackwood

What a grand flag

We arrived in rain, saw more rain and then the rain really set in.
We all got very wet flying kites
and spent a lot of time in the tent:

A leopardskin mug can be a real comfort (whilst sheltering from the rain)!

Due to our valliant efforts (in the rain), we won PRIZES

Not first prizes of course, but something to put in the Awards cabinet anyway.

All the fun of the fair (in the rain)

Look at that wet octapus (in the rain)

Afterwards, there were some fireworks (in The Rain)

They had to be waterproof fireworks because of THE RAIN

After drying out a bit overnight, we had a FULL ENGLISH,
said farewell to all the other valiant kiters and set off homewards
(free to get out of Wales)

the minute we left Wales, it stopped raining!

We took the opportunity on the way back to visit the White Horse at Uffington.

Valiant as ever, we launched a kite for some KAP
but the wind was so fierce, we decided not to risk the camera gear.

A valuable reconnoitre.  Given the right wind (and kite), we can
surely get very impressive shots of the horse - We must do this!

So, we saw Caerffili, got very wet flying kites and saw the White Horse.
A good couple of days - Thank you Karl and Sarah - Excellent organization and hospitality

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