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LUTS + OSOW: October 2010

We went to Cliddesden for Light Up The Sky and One Sky One World

We had to have something to BLOW UP
So first, there had to be some expert Pumpkin carving

All that artistry and what for? So we could BLOW IT UP !

Light Up the Sky went with flashes, bangs and all sorts of fun 
Click on the picture below to see the fun...

The Morning After..

After all that expert carving and artistry........

Saturday was overcast and cold but the sun came out on Sunday for One Sky One World

We flew lots of kites in the sunshine

Lovely wind for this frilly Bee (but a bit gusty for the paper ones) 

An Expert sorting out a  mammoth Les/Keith tangle

Lots of lovely kites

A rare appearance of one of John's superb Hata kites

Don't forget the Arty Shot

A bit of mellow fruitfulness never did anyone any harm

So there we are: BANGS, Flashes, Beer, FEBs, sweeties and Kites.
What more could anyone want?


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