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A Capital Day Out
On Star Wars Day there was a huge turnout:
the Gits had four (yes FOUR) honoured Guests.
It was an International GDO.

The Gits (ENGLAND), Marla, Barbara and Cliff (USA) 
Don (Wiltshire) and Minkey (Island of the Moon)

The Gits arrived at Parliament Square. The others were delayed and so the Gits looked around a bit.

John gives his support

Just behind the Square is the Supreme Court - built originally as the Middlesex Guildhall.
The Supreme Court Logo

On the right is Court No.3
and, as you can see, Minkey
seems to be the only judge

This is Court No.1 - All the splendour of a 1913 Guildhall

Eventually, Don, Marla, Barbara and Cliff arrived.
We had our photo taken whilst waiting for the boat - Isn't that a super picture?

(Note the time when John was supporting the tower and the time the others arrived)

LOOK OUT ! That thing MOVES

I'm not sure the people who run the Eye are aware of this rather off-putting sign

Here we are merrily going down the landing ramp to the boat

We all settled into the boat to enjoy the trip.

And of course, just had to have another Group Photograph:

Marla's new shirt had to be signed by the Gits (and the AA of course)

Why is it that Minkey always looked shloshed, even when he drinks water?

We saw all the sights of London from the boat. Here are some of them:
London Thingy

Millennium Bridge

Tower Bridge

Thingy Wharf

Fagin's Secret Den

An AA trying to ingratiate himself with the AKA President and a Git.

We lost Minkey for a while....

But he was soon back to help steer our boat

It was not all work for him though. He found some time to relax....

Kiting is what brought us all together in the first place.

Having a lovely time.

Coming across this cannon was good because we could have (yet another)  Group shot

5.2 tonnes and Turkish.

There were some elephants and Marla just loves elephants

We broke our journey to the Thames Barrier by having some soup at Greenwich.

The Crusty Master enjoying his crusty bread

We looked around Discover Greenwich
Cliff looking particularly dashing in his tricorn

A Git in a Bucket - and Marla's Iron Fist!

Back on the boat for a trip down to and around the Thames Barrier..

On the way: the Dome (O2 Arena)

The Barrier

Sometimes, we just have to include a Narty Shot .....

Back to Greenwich

Greenwich Hospital

Then, by Docks Light Railway (Dealar, to you) back to Bank

Boring Gits posing in front of something boring.

Denise was in charge of the whole DLR but made time to cuddle Minkey.

We ended up in Covent Garden

A Git-on-a-Stick pondering words from The Master

THEN... to Porters ENGLISH Restaurant

We had good English fare.. Pie and Chips!

And, naturally, Minkey grabs the wine.

This says it all; Good company, Good food.

A wonderful end to a CAPITAL DAY OUT

Finally, we must thank Don for getting our American friends to London and back.
AND for taking most of the wonderful photographs.

Thank you Don!

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