GOGs & Chums Assorted Events for 2015

Malaysia, Swindon Indoors, Flying Bears, Farewell Maurice,  Brooklands GDO ,  Keith Flyaway GDO ,
Berck-sur-mer, Weymouth, Margam, Dunkirk, Exmouth, Fanø, Help For Heroes, Brasington Workshop,
Gittesden, Berrington, Dunstable, Bristol, Farewell Phil, Łeba, Poland, Bewl, Ozfeathers Workshop,
LUTS + OSOW, Conker Bash, Bognor, Capetown, Doves Workshop, Kelvin Xmas Butterflies

N.B.  RAFFLE  or  TOMBOLA  or  AUCTION  - donations are always welcome!

To avoid confusion (mostly mine), I have also briefly listed the  Main Events  below,
in date order, with links to their own GOG pages

Pasir Gudang, Malacca, Satun Kite Festivals: Feb-March 2015

Facebook Albums:- Jacqui M

Swindon Indoor Fly-In: 1st March 2015
St Josephs Catholic College, Swindon, Wiltshire SN3 3LR
Contact = Karl Longbottom on Facebook - meet at the Dockle Farmhouse at 9:00am
Gits Attending = Keith, Alan, Sandra, Andrew & Peter

Facebook Albums: Alex Kraaijeveld + Alan Pinnock + Keith Boxall

 RAFFLE  Flying Bears Workshop: 7-8 March 2015  Facebook
Guy Reynolds' impressive Ursus Volans at Village Hall, Church Lane, Cliddesden RG25 2JQ
Gits Attending = Keith, Alan & Dicky + John B with his new Stirling thingy

Keith is easily led astray - here tried on prototype Steampunk Goggles!

The head part was finished first - and the temptation was too much for most!

Dicky was busy drilling & soldering to make a couple of new LED "party in a bottle" gizmos to replace one smashed in the Jolly Farmer - bar staff promised to save more empties so he can up-cycle them for the pub to raffle in aid of Help For Heroes.

Last Farewell to Maurice - Top of Page
Thursday 12 March 2015 at Amersham Crematorium HP7 0ND - at2.30pm
FLAMBOYANT KITE FESTIVAL DRESS CODE - Donations to National Trust - No Flowers
and after at Church Hall of St. Michael and All Angels, Beaconsfield HP9 2BN for tea & cake

It all went very smoothly, lots of people to see him off, finally met Fred the plumber who put together Maurice's spud gun, the neighbours who helped getting Maurice about, many members of his family and his and Betty's carers. We will miss you, you cantankerous grumpy old git, we'll miss your stories, we'll miss your attention to detail and your sheer bloody mindedness. Thank you Maurice you have set the bar very high, I don't think any of us will ever be able to attain your level of Grumpiness.

Good bye old friend.

So... how to mark the passing of a GOGGM? Dredge up fond memories & tales of past exploits,
drink goodly amounts of ale & wait for darkness to fall, and then... please click image below

 Grand Day Out at Brooklands: 22 March 2015  - Top of Page
Gits Attending = Keith & Alan, Sandra & Andrew

For more photos & comments please visit the Brooklands 2015 page (opens new browser tab)

 Grand Day Out - Keith Goes AWOL (Airborne Without Lunch): 18 April 2015  - Top of Page
Henstridge Airfield, The Marsh, Henstridge, Templecombe BA8 0TN, UK - Airfield Weather
This should be fun - Keith finally cashes in a voucher from FLY2UP.COM for one hour
in a microlight - birthday present from his Wife & daughter nearly 2 years ago!
Gits Attending = Keith & Alan, Dicky & Janette

For more photos & comments please visit the Henstridge 2015 page (opens new browser tab)

29th International Berck-sur-Mer Kite Festival: 18-26 April 2015 - Top of Page
Avenue Francis Tattegrain, 62600 Berck-sur-Mer, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France
Official website + Facebook + Webcams
Gits Attending = Guy, Violeta & Siobhan, Peter + Jacqui and Hi Bob

For more photos & comments please visit the Berck 2015 page (opens new browser tab)

  +++ Jolly Up 16: April 25-26 2015 +++  

Weymouth Kite Festival: 2-4 May 2015 Facebook + Webcams - Top of Page
Kites flying on the beach, and trade stalls on the promenade - Postcode DT4 8DE
Team Flame, AKF & Solent KF are performing in all that lovely soft sand... Good luck to you!
For car park passes & arena wrist-bands contact = Michael McManus Facebook
Nearest car park at The Pavilion DT4 8DZ, or off Commercial Road DT4 7DQ

Weymouth Kite Festival Website + Visit-Dorset Website + WeAreWeymouth Website
Gits Attending = Dicky, David J, and the Poole Kite Gits

Facebook Albums:- Alan Pinnock + Alex Kraaijeveld + Flying Fish Blogspot
For more photos & comments please visit the Weymouth 2015 page (opens new browser tab)

Margam Kite Festival + Workshop: 22-25 May 2015
Margam County Park, near Port Talbot, South Wales SA13 2TJ Facebook - Top of Page
Gits Attending = Keith, Guy, Alan & Anne, Andrew & Sandra, Jacqui & Peter, Margaret & Malcolm, Collin & Bob

Facebook Albums:- Guy Reynolds + Keith + Collin
For more photos & comments please visit the Margam 2015 page (opens new browser tab)

La Ronde Des Vents - Bray-Dunes, Dunkirk:22-25 May 2015 MAP - Top of Page
Organised by Laetitia & Christophe - full details on Website and on Facebook
Atmospheric video HERE and a comprehensive aerial view HERE
Gits Attending = ??? (most already at Margam)

Exmouth Kite Festival: 29-31 May 2015 Facebook - Top of Page Website
The Imperial Recreation Ground, Exmouth, Devon EX8 1DG
More info here:- Exmouth Rotary Club and here Exmouth Festival
Gits attending = Harry & Rita, Andrew & Sandra, Dicky & Janette, Nick J + Poole Kite Flyers

BBC Spotlight Video Report + Airheads + Flying Fish Video
For more photos & comments please visit the Exmouth 2015 page (opens new browser tab)

  +++ Basingstoke 23rd Kite Festival: 6-7 June 2015 +++  
  +++ Teston Kite Family (unofficial): 13-14 June 2015 +++  

31st INT. KITE FLIERS MEETING FANØ: 18-21 June 2015 - Top of Page
Website + Drachen.org Website + Faergen.com Website + Fanø Videoguide + Google Map
Gits Attending = Keith, Glenn, Gayle & Christian

Facebook Albums:- Catherine Gabrel + Gayle En route to Fanø + Gayle At Fanø + Keith's Story

For more photos & comments please visit the Fanø 2015 page (opens new browser tab)

 TOMBOLA  Armed Forces Day + Help For Heroes: 27 June 2015 - Top of Page
The Jolly Farmer, Cliddesden RG25 2JL + Website
Their annual fund-raiser for this very worthy cause with live music & BBQ Website
As most of the Gits will be elsewhere this weekend, we have donated a good number of items
to their Tombola and wish them well! - Facebook Photo Album
Gits Attending = Roy & Hayley + Alan Cosgrove

Robert Brasington Kite Workshop: 27-28 June 2015 - Top of Page
Longmead Centre, Sefton Road, Epsom KT19 9HG
Full Details HERE (PDF document 115KB) + Facebook + Website
Gits Attending = Keith, Alan, Dicky, Andrew, Sandra, Peter, Jacqui, Andy S, David J, Don B, Roy M and more!

For more photos & comments please visit the Brasington Workshop 2015 page (opens new browser tab)

Gittesden: 11-12 July 2015 - Top of Page
Much fun fun, jollification and anarchy was enjoyed by all who came
- an oasis of love & laughter that felt somehow separated from the outside world
(and this with no drama, no stress, no rules and no mind-altering subtances)

Gits Attending = Keith & Alan, Andrew & Sandra, Peter & Jacqui + Dicky
+ visits from John B, Arthur, Alan C and Roy M (not forgetting Megan & her "Mum")

For more photos & comments please visit the Gittesden 2015 page (opens new browser tab)

+++ Brighton Kite Festival: 11-12 July 2015 +++
  +++ Berrington Hall: 18-19 July 2015 +++  

15th Dunstable Downs Kite Festival: 25-26 July 2015 - Top of Page
Whipsnade Road, Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU6 2GY Facebook + Blog
Contacts:- Joe Brown - joe@projectzip.co.uk and Paul Hancock - Paul.Hancock@nationaltrust.org.uk
We have all sorts going on this year. Skyvue Media will be running a have a go Quadcopter flying stand, where you can have a go at flying a quadcopter in a controlled environment. The G4 Landrover club will also have a have a go with there mini rc versions. We have lots of events in the arena as usual. Plus we will have the usual assortment of charity stalls as well as the mini funfair & have a go paintball.
Gits Attending = Peter + ???

 +++ Jolly Up 17: 1-2 August 2015 +++  
  +++ +++ Teston Big Kite Weekend: 8-9 August 2015 +++ +++  
  +++ Portsmouth / Southsea Kite Festival: 15-16 August 2015 +++  

 AUCTION  Bristol International Kite Festival: 22-23 August 2015 - Top of Page
The 2015 Bristol International Kite Festival is moving from Ashton Court
to a new site at Durdham Downs, Bristol BS9 1FG   Festival Website
The Kite Festival will also play an active role in supporting the Bristol 2015
Green Capital City celebrations and participate in Big Green Week. Facebook
Gits Attending = Keith, Alan, John B, Andrew S & Sandra, Dicky & Janette
and many, many locals including Paul C, Nick J, David J & June

The weather was variable (to say the least) as was the wind - sometimes defeating even the low-wind kites!
Saturday was also blazingly hot - so we had a fine excuse to "drink plenty of fluids"

The Gits and Chums were delighted to join forces with Nick James & site the "Absent Friends Bench"
among his lovely angels and memory pods by the corner of the main display arena.

Then around 5.05pm we spotted heavy rain clouds heading our way, and packed up hastily
- some of us got drenched and most of us were quite alarmed by the thunder and lightning!

Most of the Gits adjourned to the main marquee for the evening meal and auction
Keith was seen to be taking a power nap, prior to driving all the way back to Epsom

Dicky missed the evening's fun, being nackered after running around all day, being helpful!

Facebook Albums:- Keith + Jolanda van Leeuwen-Pieterse + BBC Video

Farewell to Phil Scarfe: 28th August 2015 - Top of Page

We will be saying our last farewells to Phil (The Flames) Scarfe at 2:30pm here:-
South Chapel Reading Crematorium, All Hallows Rd, Caversham, Reading RG4 5LP

Dress Code:- No black - bright kite flier's colours please - We have not had any word about
flags, angels, kites and banners - bring them if you like, but they may not be required

There will be a gathering of friends from 11:30am here (just down the road from the crem):-
The Travellers Rest, 180 Henley Rd, Caversham, Reading RG4 5DL - Hoping to see many of you there.

NB - traffic is likely to be bad: Reading Festival + Bank Holiday Weekend... Be Prepared!

With apologies to all at Reading Crem whose faces cannot be seen in this photo!

Phil's GOG Chums Page is HERE and details of Phil's Last Wish are HERE

Vth International Kite Festival Łeba Poland: 28-30 August 2015 - Top of Page

Gits Attending = Peter & Jacqui
For more photos of this great event, please click HERE

Kites over Bewl: 5-6 Sept 2015 - Top of Page
Bewl Water Country Park, Bewlbridge Lane, Lamberhurst, Kent TN3 8JH Facebook
situated just one mile south of Lamberhurst off the main A21 London to Hastings road.
Turn off the A21 at the traffic islands marked with brown tourist sign and follow road to entrance gate.
Organised by Kent Kite Flyers ~ contact Malcolm Ford Facebook
Gits Attending = Peter & Jacqui and ???
Update from Malcolm: Camping and car passes will be issued by me at Malcolmf@kentkiteflyers.com
On arrival the campers will be given a wrist band by Bewl. More details to follow.

  +++ WHKF Fun Fly Lechlade 26-27 Sept 2015 +++  

 RAFFLE  The Purple Lady is coming back: 3-4 Oct 2015 - Top of Page
Banner Workshop at St Joseph's Catholic College, Swindon SN3 3LR + More Info HERE
More banner examples on Facebook HERE and HERE - but what she really wants is THIS
Gits Attending = Lots of them!

Here are a couple of photos from the Swindon 2015 Workshop

For the (almost) full story and lots more photos CLICK HERE and HERE

Light Up The Sky: Saturday 10 Oct 2015 - Top of Page
Gits Attending = Lots of them!

This was the day chosen to grant Phil's Last Wish and scatter his ashes over the Jollyup field.

So please forgive the lack of any "normal" LUTS photos!

This photo gives an idea of the scenario, as we prepared everything and sunset approached...

The method used was new to us, and we had previously conducted secret experiments & rehearsals...
Evolution is a wonderful thing - we started with the principle behind the CBP/Gayle Handfasting celebrations...
Where we developed the (nearly) 21 bang salute, like this
(opens new browser window - close that when you've had a good look and come back to this page)

Sunday 27th September, Keith, Alan, Andrew & Sandra took a little trip back to Cliddesden...
What they did there was unusual, to say the least... kinda risky too - in a "Don't do This At Home" sort of way...
- if you are sure - really, really sure you want to know the details...

Don't say we didn't warn you... For details & videos of rehearsals and and The Grand Finale Click Here

One Sky One World: Sunday 11 Oct 2015 - Top of Page
Gits Attending = Lots of them!

Keith, Andrew & Sandra at last had a chance to show off their new banners from Linda's Workshop

The new GOG banner had been designed as a dual-purpose item - to mount on roach pole or on a flying line.

Sandra & Andrew's splendid new "Day of The Dead" banner was much admired
I think they got weary of telling people that the design was Sandra's own original artwork

Note the Paul Morgan mega delta was commissioned to the same original design - nice one Sandra!

Remember, it had its maiden flight at Berrington Hall earlier this year.

and of course there had to be a Brasington in the sky!

Nice to see one of Phil The Flames' kites up there as well.

and another old friend that we may never see in the air again...

Cliddesden Charity Conker Bash + Fireworks & Bonfire: Saturday 24th Oct 2015 - Top of Page
Venue as for previous years - if you are not sure, just follow the Gits, or ask Roy or Hayley!
Aerial View with route marked in red
Gits Attending = Keith, Alan O, Andrew, Sandra, Janet, Alan C, Roy & Hayley

Looks like they are going to have a very full weekend - Saturday morning...

For more Gitticisms & photos of the Conkers Weekend Click Here

1st Bognor Kite Festival 24-25 Oct 2015 + Website + MAP
West Park, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 2RB - Disabled Access
Facebook Photo Album:- Lex Kraaijeveld + Aerial Video of the 2015 Festival by Sussex by Air

Capetown Kite Festival 30 Oct - 1 Nov Facebook - Top of Page
Venue: Zandvlei, Muizenberg . Event cost: ZAR30 (adult); ZAR10 (under 12). The annual Cape Town International Kite Festival is one of the city's most iconic family events. The festival takes place on the beautiful grounds of Zandvlei in Muizenberg where the skies will be filled with kites from around the world, creating a visual extravaganza not to be missed. It's South Africa's biggest kite festival with competitions, kite-making workshops for children, and food and craft stalls. Bring a kite, buy one, or just watch and admire. The festival is hosted by Cape Mental Health with proceeds going to supporting persons living with disabilities in communities in need.
Gits Attending = Peter & Jacqui + Karl & Sara Longbottom

Eden Kite Festival Photos:- Knysna-Plett Herald +
Capetown International Kite Festival:- Facebook Page

Karl Longbottom Doves Workshop: 14-15 Nov 2015
Gits Attending = Keith & Alan, Peter, Sandra & Andrew

For more Gitticisms & photos of the Doves Workshop weekend, please Click Here

Xmas Dinner + Kelvin's Butterflies + Phil's Flames: 19-20 Dec 2015
Gits Attending = Lots of them + Libby & Lucy Scarfe with Jack

This lot look well into the "Christmas Spirit" - surprised they were not thrown out for rowdiness!

Sunday - In the Jollyup field about 10.00am - to fly our Kelvin Butterflies & Flaming Phil Kites
- with mince pies & hot drinks from Marilyn & Roy Martin - thank you very much!

But first... What do we do when a certain Hairy Little Git gets his overloaded van stuck in the mud?

Mission Accomplished! All feeling very jolly now - a Christmas "Thumbs Up" for dear Lutz

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