Phil's Last Wish
Tests & Rehearsals - Jollyup Field - 27 September 2015
So... we bring all our dodgy man toys to the Jollyup field and scratch our heads...
The Problem:- How to scatter the ashes of our dear friend Phil The Flames over the Jollyup Field
in a manner that is not only suitably Gittish, but would also have made him laugh,
while being sensitive to the feelings of his grieving wife and daughter, Libby & Lucy.
The Concept:- Use one or more of Phil's kites to hoist his ashes above the field and scatter them by explosion.
The Method:- Wireless remote control and rookies, as per Gayle/CBP Handfasting aerial salute.
Points To Ponder:- Having checked the details of expected payload, it was decided to double up on everything "just in case"
So, that meant 2 large kites, 2 independent firing systems, and 2 rookies in each carrier.
As we were uncertain about the lifting ability of the kites (likely variable wind conditions)
it was also decided to make a good number of "spares" - in case of technical problems,
or if the payload had to be reduced, and split among a larger number of carriers.
The Details First Question:- What to use as containers? Something strong enough to take a bit of weight,
but not so strong it requires dynamite to burst it apart and must not leave any unsightly debris.
Answer:- Brown paper carrier bags.
BUT... Retail prices for such bags are ridiculously high, and quality/strength is unknown...
So... Keith made his own bags around a rectangular former, and reinforced them as seemed
appropriate - and then they had to be tested...

Self-Raising Flour seemed to be an appropriate dummy payload...

We put on our thinking hats and had a high-level technical discussion...
General concensus of opinion:- "Well... yes... we think it should work!"
Testing We eventually managed 3 practice runs... (NB - close each video window after viewing)
Dry Run #1, Dry Run #2, Dry Run #3
It was only after these tests that we realised the pyrotechnic nature of finely milled flour!

Grand Finale

L.U.T.S. at Jollyup Field - Sunset on Saturday 10 October 2015

It was with some trepidation that we set things up for Libby & Lucy to press the button...

To pass the time, we played loud inappropriate music (which they seemed to like)...
Ian Dury & The Blockheads Hit me with your rhythm stick, Queen Fat bottomed girls, etc.
Finishing up with The Final Countdown and then a proper NASA countdown to blast-off!

Meanwhile, Phil's friends helped prepare for lift-off...

Main event video links below... (NB - close each video window after viewing)
NB - if you have a slow connection try the small version where available.
Saturday evening #1, Saturday evening #2, Saturday evening #2 small

Sunday lunch #1, Sunday lunch #2, Sunday lunch #2 small

As you may see, the second attempt on each day proved the most spectacular,
so it's clearly a case of "practice makes perfect"
(or as good as it's ever gonna get, with Gits running the show!)
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