Jolly Up 12: April 26-27 2013
For JU13 photos Click HERE

Sheltering from heavy rain - what is a chap to do?

Drinkies after the BBQ - very glad of hot food, shelter & pleasant company

Hooray - dry at last on the Sunday morning - keep the flags flying boys!

Jolly Up 13 ~ August 3-4 2013
JU13 = Jolly Rok Up 2013
All the CBP workshop Roks assembled - too precious to want to fight!

Christian looked justifiably proud of his workmanship

This one scared several people!

Oh what a beautiful kite - well done CBP!

- with reflective segments too, so it shows up well at night!

Patrik & Marijke Koppen enjoyed themselves too...

He's got a big beautiful rotating ring thingy!

Here is Patrik's Facebook album

How about this for "Flash Photography"!!!
Can you guess what it is yet? hint: potatoes!

Ooooh - look what we found!!!

Yeah... well... no doubt who's got the better legs!

By all accounts there were some "Shenanagins" at the pub...

Where a certain guy met a certain gal for the first time...
and there was a certain attraction... mmm-hmmm!

and 6 years later, Alan C found these photos of Gayle and Phil ... Precious Memories!

Facebook Albums by:- John Hartshorne
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