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LVKF René Maier Heart Workshop, WHKF Ralf Maserski Workshop, Berck, Minchinhampton,
Cervia, JU24, Houlgate, Streatham, Bridlington, Westward Ho!, Margam, Basingstoke, Teston Fly-In,
Cardigan Bay, Morecambe, Barmouth, Brighton, Uckfield, Berrington, Shropshire, Crofton Beam Engines,
Gittesden, JU25, Royston, Exmouth, Teston Weekend, Portsmouth, Rijsbergse Vliegerdagen,
Bognor, St. Annes, Middledown, WHKF Lechlade Fun Fly, LUTS + OSOW (Cliddesden), GOG Xmas Bash

Confirm details on Julie White's excellent Kite Calendar + Normal calendar for 2019 HERE

N.B.  RAFFLE  or  TOMBOLA  or  AUCTION  - donations are always welcome!

To avoid confusion (mostly mine), I have also briefly listed the  Main Events  below,
in date order, with links to their own GOG pages.
René Maier Heart Workshop - LVKF members only 
9-10 Feb 2019 9am-5pm at Millennium Village Hall, Church Lane, Cliddesden RG25 2JQ - MAP
   BAG RAFFLE  in aid of Planets Cancer Charity  
There will be food for lunches + tea & coffee for a donation to Planets

Here's a LINK to the colours René can get, if you want different colours from the white and red
please look at what's on offer and get back to me alan.cosgrove(at)ntlworld.com by 1st Dec 2018.
For full details contact Alan Cosgrove - and to see more of René's kites please visit his Facebook page
Gits Attending = Keith B, Alan O, Andrew & Sandra, David P, Jacqui, Alan C

For more photos & comments please visit the René Workshop page.

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WHKF Kite Workshop 23-24 Feb 2019
Ralf Maserski's Positive, Negative Kites

 St Joseph's College, Swindon, SN3 3LR - doors open at 09:00am 
Organiser: Don Baggett - contact him on Facebook
or by Email: donald.baggett(at)virginmedia.com
Full Details on Facebook    BAG RAFFLE 

The reason for putting this out so early is to try and get as many people as possible attending.
So if you know of anyone who might be interested please let them know.

The workshop will be Ralf's kite the "Positive, Negative" the colours of which you can choose from the pictures provided,
I will let you know when colour selections are required. You will end up, hopefully with 2 kites not just the one.
The cost of the workshop will be £145, which as usual covers lunch on both days and free running tea/coffee,
a £50 deposit is required, could you please pay this on or before the AGM in November 2018
If you pay by BACS could you make it known it is for the workshop and also let me know you have paid by BACS.

As per normal a restaurant will be sorted out for the Saturday evening meal, which the price of is not included in the workshop price.
If you are interested could you please let me know ASAP and I can sort out numbers. Any questions please get in touch with me. Don.

Well - you know where the Gits go for Full English Breakfast... The Dockle Farmhouse of course!
Gits Attending = Keith B, Andrew S, Roy M, Malcolm B, Nigel G
For more photos & comments please visit the WHKF Workshop 2019 page.

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Berck sur Mer 33rd Festival: 6-14 April 2019 Website +
5 Avenue Francis Tattegrain, 62600 Berck-Sur-Mer, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France - MAP
angel Farewell to Harry Douglas: 16 April 2019 at 4:00pm Details Here angel

Minchinhampton Kite Festival - No festival for 2019
We are sorry to announce we will be having a year off, We hope to be back in 2020!  
ARTEVENTO FESTIVAL 2019 Cervia: 20 April - 1 May
Artevento Website
We are delighted to see they have dedicated this festival to Ray Bethell in their beautiful poster
and Franca Perletti has compiled a beautiful Facebook Photo Album as a Tribute to Big Daddy
photo by Franca Perletti - Mille Grazie Franca!

Here was a precious moment captured when a young lady danced with Nick James' beautiful angels
photo by Franca Perletti - Mille Grazie Franca!

Facebook Albums:- Davide Baroni
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  +++ Jolly Up 24: 27-28 April 2019 +++  
In The Kite Field , between the M3 and Southlea, Cliddesden, Basingstoke RG25 2JL + Guide
Gits Attending = Most of them!
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  +++ Houlgate Plein Vent: 11-12 May 2019 +++  
Promenade Roland Garros, 14510 Houlgate, France + MAP 
Sadly these dates clash with Streatham, which is "on the doorstep" for the Greater London Gits
Google Photo Album
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21st Streatham Common Kite Day: Sunday 12 May 2019 11am - 5pm
Streatham Common, Lambeth, London SW16 3BT - Website
A23 Streatham High Road - parking by the café at the top of the hill.
(If you park on Streatham Common South, stay off the grass - or you'll get clamped or towed.)

We welcome all old friends and new ones if you can kindly pass the word around and would simply like
you to confirm if you can make it - We really hope you can - Looking forward to hearing from you!
N.B. If you do come, remember your camera so we can identify any idiots using manja!
Please reply to me at this Email - Many thanks - Bob Colover

Facebook Albums:- Team Spectrum
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4th Bridlington Kite Festival: 18-19 May 2019
With the Northern Kite Group, Sewerby Fields, Bridlington, N.Yorkshire YO15 1ER
Gits Attending = Keith + Alan & Anne
For more photos & comments please visit the Bridlington 2019 page.

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Westward Ho! Festival Of Kites: 19 May 2019
On the beach at Westward Ho! from 11:00am - Postcode EX39 1GW
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Margam International KF: 24-27 May 2019
Margam, Neath Port Talbot SA13 2TJ + Website
Kite Flying & Camping  Application Form  HERE

Gits Attending = Most of them + a handful of midges
For more photos & comments please visit the Margam 2019 page.
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  +++ 27th Basingstoke KF: 1-2 June 2019 +++  
Down Grange Sports Complex, Pack Lane, Basingstoke RG22 5SN
Organised by Loddon Valley Kite Flyers
Gits Attending = Most of them!
Some of the guests who will be coming to the Basingstoke kite festival this year are: Flying fish, L-Katz, Frances Anderson,
Tom Greenfield, Josh Mitcheson, David Ellison, Bruno Cocandeau, Laurence Cocandeau-Bellanger, Patrice Peigné & Michelle,
René Maier + there are others still to confirm!
For more photos & comments please visit the Basingstoke 2019 page
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Kites On The Beach:- Saturday 8th June 2019
Kent KIte Flyers are holding a one day event at Walmer Beach CT14 7HJ nr Deal.
Kiteflyers need to be parked up by 10.30am - Flying time 11am to 5pm
Parking will be on the beach for kiteflyers, just 15 metres from the beach flying area.
There is a strip of green for cars to park and the beach is the other side of a pedestrian walk way.
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  +++ Teston KKF Fly-In: Sunday 9 June 2019 +++  
Flickr Album + Website + Teston Bridge Country Park ME18 5BX
Organised by Kent KIte Flyers 
Gits Attending = The Greater London Mob
For more photos & comments please visit the Teston 2019 page

Let us take a moment to remember our dear friend Gayle, who left us a year ago today.
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Cardigan Bay Kite Festival: 22-23 June 2019
Camping available free to kite flyers from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning at Gwbert SA43 1PR + Street View
Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park. Flying on the field down from the centre, nearest to the sea.
Anyone interested in this event please contact Sky Bums the organisers of this event

Gits Attending = Keith B, David P, Paul & Helene M
Keith arrived a week early, just to be sure of a good pitch - photos etc on the Cardigan Bay 2019 page.

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Catch The Wind Kite Festival: 29-30 June 2019
in Morecambe Bay LA4 4DB   Website + Email

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Barmouth Beach: 6-7 July 2019  
Also Mawddach Paddle Sports Festival - same time & place!

Youtube Videos:- Days Out UK + Tim Hodges Videos
  +++ 41st Brighton KF: 6-7 July 2019 +++  
Stanmer Park BN1 9SE
Facebook Albums:- Team Spectrum

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Uckfield Festival - Family Kite Day: 13 July 2019
10:30am - 3:00pm at Luxford Fields TN22 1AL  
Tom Greenfield will be there!

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  +++ Berrington Hall KF: 13-14 July 2019 +++  

Leominster & Hereford Kite Festival
Berrington Hall, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 0DW
all the usual stuff plus  AUCTION 
and Butterfly Kite Competition with £100.00 prize
Monies raised by the  AUCTION  pay for the event and rest go to MKF funds
Last year we were in debt - so please bring something to donate
Gits Attending = Keith B, David P, Alan & Anne O, Paul & Helene M
For more photos & comments please visit the Berrington 2019 page
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Shropshire Kite Festival, Cleobury Mortimer: 20-21 July 2019
Lacon Childe School, Love Lane, Cleobury Mortimer DY14 8PE
Camping available £15 tents £20 campers etc for Friday afternoon after 4pm until Monday Morning.
School breaks up before this weekend so no early morning rush off field.
Please contact Sky Bums if interested.
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Crofton Beam engines - Steampunk Weekend: 27-28 July 2019 (1000am - 5:00pm)
Crofton Beam Engines, Marlborough SN8 3DW - More Details HERE

Gits Attending = Keith B, Alan O, Alan C, David P, Dicky N, Andrew & Sandra S + Malcolm & Margaret B (resident experts)
Sincere thanks to Malcolm & Margaret Bradly, who went out of their way to ensure as many of us as could manage it,
got to see all the workings of this lovely old pumping station, and learn some of its history.

- still going strong and able to deliver 21 tons of water a minute when both engines are running.

A pleasant day out, marred somewhat by the claim that the site was "accessible"
- when it proved to be hard going for some of us, and the actual beam engines totally inaccessible to one of us
(and no free entry for his carer) - full marks for accessible toilet, but so-called accessible café was impassable.

This photo gives you no idea how steep was the cinder path down from the entrance, past that giant chimney.
Andrew entertained the crowd by doing a forward somersault down the grassy bit at front of shot.

The Steam Punk folk had plenty to keep them interested - Andrew found some beard jewellry.

By 2 o'clock we were all feeling weary, and headed back to Cliddesden for Pimms (and a nap, in some cases)

Gittesden: 26-28 July 2019 in the Jollyup Kite Field
Gits Attending = Keith B, Alan & Anne O, David P, Andrew & Sandra S, Alan C, Dicky N
A very pleasant weekend, with enough Pimms-based refreshments to keep us all mellow (also lovely with OJ for Sunday breakfast)

The weekend really began on Friday, as we gathered on the Jollyup field ready for the Crofton GDO next day.
The gin flowed freely, and David provided a yummy chili beef pasta for our evening meal.

This is the photo we sent Nick J, when he asked "Is it Gittesden this weekend?"

Friday night was wet... Keith had to retrieve his Purple Serpent in the morning, and found his gloves had to be dried out

Of course, Saturday started with a massive FEB at Morrisons in Basingstoke, before heading off on our Grand Day Out at Crofton.

Some of us regretted that amount of food, on the long, twisty, turny and bumpy ride on very minor roads to Crofton!

Saturday evening entertainment was provided by Andrew, and a delicious pasta carbonara meal by Anne - Yummy!

Sunday evening - Keith & David staying on to sort out David's fridge, and then build the trebuchet in readiness for JU25

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  +++ Jolly Up 25th Anniversary Bash: 3-4 August 2019 +++  
In The Kite Field , between the M3 and Southlea, Cliddesden, Basingstoke RG25 2JL + Guide
Gits Attending = Most of them!
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Royston Charity Kite Festival and Historic Vehicle Show: 4 August 2019 from 10.30 to 4.30
Organised by Rotary Club of Royston on Therfield Heath SG8 9NU
Website + Email:kites@roystonrotary.com +
Facebook Photo Album: Team Spectrum
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  Exmouth KF: 3-4 August 2019

Imperial Recreation Ground (Rugby Club) EX8 1DG

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  +++ Teston Kiteability 31st Anniversary Weekend: 10-11 August 2019 +++  
Flickr Album + Website + Teston Bridge Country Park ME18 5BX
Camping from Friday 9th through to Monday 12th as usual. Organised by Kent KIte Flyers
Gits Attending = Keith & Dicky, Alan & Anne

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28th Portsmouth Kite Festival: 10-11 August 2019
Southsea Common, Portsmouth, Hampshire - Map Link + Website +
Youtube Video + Facebook Photo Album

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Rijsbergse Vliegerdagen, Holland: 17-18 August 2019
Website + Map +

Satnav:- Country: Netherlands, Postcode: 4891, Street: Tiggeltsestraat

From Calais A16 then E40 toward Bruges, then E40 toward Ghent, then E17 toward Antwerp,
E19 (A1) toward Breda, take the exit to Zundert, turn right onto N263 follow the signs Rijsbergen,
past Restaurant Tafelen. After Tuincentrum Bosrand (Garden Centre), left into Huisakkerstraat. Then right
by Café Buitenlust into Tiggeltsestraat, after 100 meters on the right is the entrance to the meadow.
Aerial view of site HERE - festival site in meadows east of crossroads by Café Buitenlust
Gits Attending = Keith, Alan & Anne, Andrew & Sandra, Patrik & Marijke, Bob & Carole, Karl & Sara L
 You can sign up on line  HERE + View 2019 Participants List
2017 Slide Show + 2018 Rijsbergen Weekend Full Report

For more photos & comments please visit the Rijsbergen 2019 page
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5th Bognor Kite Festival 24-26 August 2019 + Website
King George V Playing Fields, Felpham, Bognor Regis PO22 8QS
Hosted by Dave Mitchell - Entrance in Summerly Lane

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St. Annes Kite Festival: 6-8 september 2019  RESCHEDULED FROM AUGUST  Website  
Look for the kites on St Annes Beach, close to St Annes Pier FY8 1SB, just off North Promenade.
- the big weekend including Friday night's illuminated kites and fireworks.
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2nd Middle Down Kite Festival: 15 September 2019 11:00am-4:00pm
Organised by Friends of Wardour at Middle Down, with WHKF workshop
a field between Alvediston and Ansty off the A30 on the Old Shaftesbury Drove road SP5 5JT  
More details to follow! ( a great excuse to visit the Fox Inn at Ansty DT2 7PN )
Facebook Photo Albums:- WHKF Album
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WHKF Fun Fly Lechlade: 28-29 September 2019 Directions on WHKF Website
Nearest post code for the site is GL7 3AT - on the other side of the road about 100yds closer to the town centre.
Note this is a WHKF event - we are setting up from 10.AM on the Friday. Any help welcome.
WHKF FF19 Photo Album
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LUTS: 19 October 2019 - for Children in Need
In The Kite Field, between the M3 and Southlea, Cliddesden, Basingstke RG25 2JL
Conveniently next to one of our favourite pubs, The Jolly Farmer Facebook Page + Website

Camping available from Friday afternoon until Sunday, NO facilities provided.
Bring your own food and drink & barbecue. BBQ provided from 6 pm Saturday evening.
There may be a marquee in case, and a fire pit to help keep you warm.
Gits Attending = Keith, David P, Alan & Anne, Andrew & Sandra, Roy & Marilyn, Alan C, Dicky and Dave Thompson

The Hard Core Gits arrived on Friday - torrential rain notwithstanding!

Friday night meant hot soup and a few G&T's to help keep the blood circulating.

OSOW: Sunday 20 October 2019 - DAYTIME ONLY
In The Kite Field, between the M3 and Southlea, Cliddesden, Basingstke RG25 2JL
Conveniently next to one of our favourite pubs, The Jolly Farmer Facebook Page + Website

For more photos and random stuff, please see the LUTS + OSOW 2019 page.

GOG Xmas Bash + Absent Friends Fly-in: 21-22 December 2019
After driving through horrendous rain and flooded roads we felt the need for a "pre-party party" at the Travelodge!

More photos and words to follow!

Saturday night eating & drinking too much at The Fox, Green Lane, Ellisfield   RG25 2QW
then minibus back to the Travelodge, for stinky cheese & biccies, a few "nightcaps", and a good
night's sleep, then back to The Fox for FEB on Sunday morning.

Sadly the JU field was completely waterlogged and wise heads decided to cancel the Mince Pie Fly-in.
We look forward to sunnier and drier days to celebrate "Remember Absent Friends"
with Ron's Dancing Diamonds, Kelvin's Butterflies, and Phil's Flames.

Roll on 2020!

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