Grumpy Old Gits Fly-In: Saturday 8 June 2019
August event details HERE

IMPORTANT NOTICE - There is now a permanent ban on barbecues of all types on Teston Country Park.
- full details about the ban in the Official Notice, see image further down.

The Greater London Gits usually come on this day, just because they can - but first...

Some time later... The Gits arrive on site... Let's count them in... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!
That's a full house in terms of "Greater London Gits"

What a Beautiful Day!

Perfect day for a light picnic, with Gala Pie to boot - only a small one!
But then there was lovely stinky blue cheese to follow!

Blue skies over Teston - but all is not well in Paradise...

We can only endorse the comments in the Notice and applaud the ban.

KKF Fly-In: Sunday 9 June 2019

Let us take a moment to remember our dear friend Gayle, who left us a year ago today.

Christian was hoping to come over from Texas to commemorate the occasion, but US Immigration Law is against him.
(if he leaves the USA any time this year, they might not allow him back in, which is incomprehensible)

Also, let's remember Harry Douglas whose 86th birthday would have been today

Teston Kiteability 31st Anniversary Weekend
10-11 August 2019
More Info here:- Teston Kiteability Weekend with Kent Kite Flyers
Gits Attending = Keith B, Dicky N, Alan & Anne O... others were saving their strength for Rijsbergen!
In the midst of usual Git Frivolity at Teston & preparing for Rijsbergen, we had a sharp reminder about "Sharing The Love"
Margaret Bradly sent us this message:-
Malcolm was taken to hospital with severe chest pains on Saturday morning (10th August).
Unfortunately this turned out to be due to a heart attack.
After having an angiogram which located a blockage in an artery in the heart, they fitted a stent.
He is now at home recovering....
The Gits at home and abroad send him their best wishes for a speedy recovery - updates on Facebook as we get them
"Let's Be Careful Out There!"

There were fewer than usual hard-core Gits at Teston this weekend -
Andrew & Sandra had a booking to fly their cat kites at Portsmouth

Friday 9 August - The weather forecast was rather alarming with strong and gusty winds to come...
Keith took the precaution of strapping the gazebo to his van, and heavy pegging all the guy lines.

We had the usual trip to Barming Fish 'n Chips on Friday evening, which was eaten al fresco in the Git Gazebo...
We were quite worried about fierce gusts overnight, as Alan had 2 large saveloys!

Saturday 10 August - The weather was good most of the time, breeze from the West with occasional gusts & lulls
Keith's purple delta serpent kept aloft most of the time, but that tail got well knotted - "Alan!"

Dicky's precious butterfly kite had several outings, with some scary moments when it dived for the trees!

There was a distinct cheesey tone to mealtimes this weekend.... Dicky Spag Bol with parmesan on Saturday night
Keith toasted cheesey bloomer with cheddar for a super-yummy snack at Sunday lunchtime

and then Keith, Alan & Anne had the leftover mince with cheese 'n chips on the Sunday night

Sunday 11 August - weather took a turn for the worse, so we found a little job to do indoors...
putting GOG stickers onto a stack of half pint glasses, to give away to our Git Chums next weekend.

The rain got quite heavy at times - here we are sheltering in the Git Gazebo (as in previous years)

Dicky bailed out after cheesey snack at lunchtime, back to Worthing to play with Theo & then home to Wareham

Keith, Alan & Anne stayed until early on Monday, then off Tesco Extra Ashford,
and on to Dover for the ferry to Calais and then by a roundabout route to Rijsbergen

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