27th Basingstoke Kite Festival: 1-2 June 2019
Down Grange Sports Complex, Pack Lane, Basingstoke RG22 5SN
Guests this year are from Switzerland: René Maier
France: Bruno Cocandeau, Laurence Cocandeau-Bellanger, Patrice Peigné & Michelle Peigné
Germany: Axel Kostros
UK: L-Katz, Flying fish, Team Spectrum, Josh Mitcheson, Tom Greenfield, David Ellison,
Carl Robertshaw, Stafford Wallace, Brighton Kite Flyers, Michael Lowe & his wind instruments.
Some people can't wait till the weekend, and are poised nearby (on a Winchester caravan site)..

Monday 27th May - Keith came here straight from Margam Kite Festival and found some pretty views...

Tuesday 28th May - He's looking for interesting things to visit and to do...

Penne & Cheese Tonight!

Wednesday 29th May - Just a little one today (hill walk, that is)

View from St Giles Hill

It's all about timing

He's gone POSH for the evening meal - It was worth the wait :-)

Thursday 30th May - My last breakfast in caravan this trip
- next one in Sainsbury's Kempshott, then last 2 will be in Git Gazebo

Portchester Castle - Last time I was here, I was only 10 or 11 ... The view is a bit different

Friday 31st May - Keith + the rest of the GOGs arrive on site and put up Git Camp
- we usually have a busy evening entertaining the guest flyers as well as all our usual friends.
- last year was marred by some people inviting themselves into the Git Gazebo,
and helping themselves liberally to our beer, without bringing anything to the party.

That is not The Way of The Gits - Please Share The Love!

Well that didn't take too long :-)

Now just waiting for Alan to phone and let me know when the gates open at Down Grange
Then we could assemble Git Camp and wait for Dicky to bring all his pretty lights.

There were also some surreal and disturbing sights - not to mention saveloys!

(that was Friday night while the rest of us enjoyed fish 'n chips)

We were all delighted to see our old friend Axel Kostros

and some of his pretty kites excited a good deal of interest!

Saturday 1st June - Sandra demonstrates her artistic skills in the air and on terra firma!
- our Portaloo could only take a limited "load" - we hoped this sign would deter the public from filling it!
- it later had to be supplemented with a carabiner "lock" on the door!

"It was like herding cats!" They were a lively lot up in the sky!

There were some wild and dangerous looking types in Git Camp...

Then there were some odd goings-on at the Git Gazebo... (more than usual)

"Seize The Day" they said - so we did - and ended up with 2 sticky gazebo canopies, and a very sticky floor mop!
- they should all be waterproof when the stuff dries.... even the floor mop!

By a complete fluke, Dicky was looking comparitively dapper, when Simon Dann took this shot!

Due honour and praise must be made here to Mr Tom Greenfield, with thanks for 2 of his yummy sourdough loaves!
He also put in 2 days hard work, flying a stack of Revs and doing a lot of the arena commentary!

Keith and Bob were caught in flagrante doing something nasty to a defenceless heart...

"It was all perfectly innocent, Officer!"

The LVKF Tombola did a roaring trade - less work to set up, and lots of happy winners!

Saturday Evening Bash was a wonderful "cold collation" mostly prepared by Lynn !

After the meal, things got a bit emotional when Lynn announced this was Alan's last year as main festival organiser

- then there was a mini auction, and a plot to gift Alan with a couple of nice kites as a "Thank You!"

There was a lovely blue Carl Robertshaw Delta Serpent, and a rather risqué Rok
Alan, we wish you well, and hope you enjoy your new "man toys" - Good Luck to whoever has to fill your shoes!

Sunday 2nd June - Jill Ferrer was over the moon when Carl Robertshaw personalised her Delta Serpent

There was a lot more of that later, when Carl, René and all Alan Cosgrove's friends signed his new Serpent
that they surprised him with, after the Saturday Night Dinner Bash - Bravo! Well done & well deserved!

There were so many great displays of masterful kite flying by Flying Fish, Twisted Bridle, Team Spectrum, Tom Greenfield
and numerous solo appearances by Carl Wright flying one, two, or three kites at once - their own photos are much better than mine.

This was Carl's boy, Alexander at his second festival - looking very cool!

Young Jaiden Daubney is only 8 years old, but it looks as if flying is in his blood!
His Mum is Lisa Daubney of Twisted Bridle, so... (we hope to see him again at JU25)
Jaiden flew in the Mystery Ballet Competition in almost no wind - click on the image below to see the video!

Stafford Wallace came down all the way from Rutland, at Alan Cosgrove's special request.
He put on two arena displays each day, doing very well despite appalling wind conditions - thank you Stafford!

Photo Albums:- Simon Dann, Team Spectrum, Lex Kraaijeveld, Patrice Peigné, Basingstoke Gazette

Videos:- Delta Serpent Mass Launch, Nick James Angels

Blogs:- Flying Fish

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