Margam International KF: 24-27 May 2019
Margam, Neath Port Talbot SA13 2TJ + Website
Gits Attending = Most of them + only a handful of midges!

The theme for this year's Bank Holiday Monday is 'Amazing Beasts!'

Thursday 23rd May - Keith and Alan & Anne arrive in convoy from Bridlington Kite Festival via Tewkesbury.
David P arrived later - well, he does live just 30 miles away!

As promised, the Lone Star flag comes to every event, in memory of our dear friend Gayle

Friday 24th May - The other hard-core Gits usually arrive mob-handed
Keith was up early emptying his fridge ready for a fresh re-supply as Dicky is coming!

Friday night is Curry Night - hats off and serious respect to the stalwarts who produce so much good food!
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Some people are just natural clowns - not sure whose baby that was!

Keith managed to blag 2 (or was it 3?) helpings of strawberries & cream gateau!

Saturday 25th May - This weekend's workshop is for a Skybums 3doodle

Andrew and Sandra spend the weekend testing and tweaking their collection of "Ohashi Variant" art kites

Sunday 26th May - Roy Martin completed this lovely "3doodle" and it is simply splendid!

Keith managed to put up a train of René Maier Heart kites which flew very prettily
- but they needed extra ballast to keep from flipping over in the strong gusts.

Monday 27th May: Bank Holiday + Amazing Beasts
None of the Gits wants to sit in Bank Holiday traffic jams, so we shall stay and be beastly instead
Where's me Fart Blaster and Beastly Bubble Gun? ROOOAAAR!!!

The weather was no help - a cold, wet morning which thankfully improved to a sunny but very gusty afternoon.
We decided to take down the Git Gazebo while it was still dry - and only just made it before the heavens opened again!

Oh dear... these two dodgy looking characters must be up to something!

Minkey clearly felt just as weary as the rest of us, after all that hard work!

Later on it was "Fish 'n chips for 6 please" and that was very nice, enjoyed in the Outram Gitmobile
- after Lindsay Davies (a very nice man) came to our rescue, unlocked the main gate to let the Chip Bearers back in!

We later found out that he had to eject some "undesirables" from the festival campsite,
after it was found they had photocopied vehicle passes and pretended to be legitimate guests.

Next year each pass will have the vehicle registration on it - let's hope that works!
Tuesday 28th May - Up early to finish tidying away the countless odds & ends and bits of rubbish.

Finally, and faint with hunger after a busy weekend, the Gits headed for the Chippenham Pit Stop
Just off the M4 on J17 - about a 1/4 mile down the B4122
Oakleigh Acres, Draycot Cerne, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 5LH

The Men Gits just have to go for "The Full Tank" - while the Lady Gits have the "Lady Trucker's Breakfast"

Keith then headed for Winchester for a brief holiday before Basingstoke Kite Festival
The other (more sensible) Gits headed for home in Redhill and Wallington.

Dicky went his own way - stopping to visit Dave Johnson in Clevedon, picked up some more kids' toys and then off
to visit the lovely staff at Charlton Farm children's hospice, before the long & winding road that leads to Wareham!

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