Jollyup 24: 27-28 April 2019
For details of Jollyup 25 in August CLICK HERE
In The Kite Field , between the M3 and Southlea, Cliddesden, Basingstoke RG25 2JL + Guide
Gits Attending = Most of them!

Storm Hanna made her presence felt on Friday evening and all of Saturday...
We took serious precautions against the 2 Git Gazebos becoming airborne...

The ground was unusually soft, so ground spikes kept pulling out!

When we came to take the gazebos down on Sunday, we found tears in the canopies,
at the apex of 3 of the 8 sides, where the force seems to have been strongest.
Keith is going to mend & reinforce that area, adding a second Velcro tab, to spread the load.
He has already begun by next day!

Andrew & Sandra braved the elements to test fly their new range of artistic Pearl kites

Meanwhile, in The Larks Head - Linda provided a fiendish puzzle that defied all comers!

"Assemble the Dustpan & Broom" (if you can!!!)

Then... Finally... a man who can!   Congratulations Tony!

Trebuchet Videos:- Compilation on Facebook - by Sandra Scott (or click below 9.4MB)

Human targets in order of appearance:- Iain Ball (5 times), Alan Cosgrove
(who managed to hit the ball) and lastly Dicky who did not even see where it went!

Alan Cosgrove took a couple of slow-mo videos from a different angle...
There is clearly more development work needed to stop the frame from jumping off the ground!
When we held the rear part of the frame down by foot, the front edge jumped instead....
Jollyup 25: 3-4 August 2019
Silver Anniversary
Gits Attending = Most of them!

The JU25 Silver Anniversary T-shirt looks good!

The Jolly Humpa-Lumpas had the marquee up a week early - well done chaps!

Keith and David stayed over from the previous Gittesden weekend - kept themselves busy... and well fed!

Keith had to dash back to Epsom briefly... and David had to pop back to Cardiff!
Then Keith discovered that charging buggy batteries from his leisure batteries used a lot of juice...
Monday night's weather was rather severe - the gazebos took a bit of a battering...

Wednesday 31st July 2019 - Healthy option for breakfast (makes a change) and batteries back up to scratch.

Just Chilling!

Lunchtime! Trebuchet assembly finally complete and ready for action - new balls please!
Nice to see Alan C's lovely new blue Serpent Delta up there with Keith's knotty old purple thing!

Keith loves a good mystery - found several pacthes like this on the Jollyup Field - fairy rings?

Thursday 1st August 2019 - all that healthy stuff needs a good fry-up to compensate!

Friday 2nd August 2019 - The Gits return to Cliddesden - let the mayhem begin!
Git Piddling Pool will be back in action + Pie and mash available in the marquee tonight!

But first.... as expected... strange stirrings as Gits arouse from their slumbers for an al fresco FEB

All set up and ready for business - where is everybody?

Friday Night - Pie, Peas & Mash in The Marquee

There were some eerie sights among the long grass that night...

Saturday 3rd August 2019 - Git Breakfast Buns at 08:30 and Jolly BBQ + auction in the marquee tonight.

The Chuckle Brothers pause for a half-second during hectic frying of loads of bacon and many, many eggs!

Sandra was delighted when she managed to fly two of her lovely cat kites at once...
Let's hope for good weather and flying conditions when she takes them to Portsmouth!

Keith's new friend made by Chris :) at JU25

The assembled Gits gave their approval for the purchase of some re-usable strong plastic half pint glasses,
along with some self-adhesive (and hopefully washproof) vinyl stickers bearing the GOG crest and URL

These will be used to dispense Git Liquid Hospitality, and as little gifts to our Git Chums.

We were all delighted to finally meet up with Bagheera (now Barley) who was rescued from Turkey last year,
along with his proud owner Martin who came up from Morden (Dorset) and enjoyed the whole Jollyup weekend!

Saturday night preparations ventured into the "Alice Cooper" + "Kiss" zone - with some very strange outfits...
The good news is that this photo can freely be used to embarrass everyone in it, for years to come!

Sunday 4th August 2019 - Git Breakfast Buns at 08:30 + silent auction of odds'n sods then playtime before heading home.
Then we all meet up again next weekend at Teston - and some of us then go on to Rijsbergen - Hooray!

Andrew & Sandra were in charge of the breakfast kitchen today - probably just as well!

Keith offered to help "tidy up" in his own special way.... Nobody was fooled!

The two Git Gazebos and the storage tent were all taken down and stowed away before the forecast wet stuff arrived on site.
Keith and Nigel stayed on site overnight and checked to see we had not left any kind of litter or debris.
Then Keith was off on a mission, mumbling something about "a rechargeable whisk" and "a moose" - the mind boggles!

"Have Gits Will Travel!"   End of The Line

Facebook Photo Albums:- Helene Morgan + Linda Nicholls

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