Gittesden: 11-12 July 2015

To keep from leaking details of the "special surprise" planned for Gayle & Christian
this page was left blank until after JU17 - the dark truth can only now be revealed...

"Bring everything" they said.....

Ear defenders came in handy.... but there was no room for the kitchen sink...

Friday morning - a little early for a tipple for normal folk...

Friday evening - fish 'n chips, plenty of drinkies and good company!

No room for a candelabra in the Git Gazebo,
so we tried a fiendish oriental LED spider's web...
that came off Ebay in such a state, it could
have killed anybody with its 32 bare wires
- now modified & insulated, it looked pretty good
- and the music wasn't bad either!

As darkness fell and the pile of empty ale bottles grew to mountainous proportions -
Keith decided play with fire...

Saturday - looks like a good day for "mucking about" with man toys,

We have to to work out how we are going to add a certain
"je ne sais quoi" to the eagerly anticipated Handfasting Ceremony!

But first a "proper" breakfast, courtesy of Keith's wonderful Cadac

Sausage, bacon, egg, tomato and mushroom rolls if memory serves me well!
(messy but delicious)

Now, Keith had been busy at home....

The thing on the left is a T piece - special order for Dicky who's had another daft idea...
The thing on the right is a "rookie" agricultural bird scarer...
Yes.... it's time to be afraid... The Git Mind has had a fiendish idea...

To celebrate the CBP-Gayle Handfasting - the Gits propose a 21 bang salute!
The Household Cavalry refused to lend us one of their field howitzers
- so we have had to improvise, adapt and overcome!
- unusually for a Git Activity, we also decided to Test, Modify, Improve & Rehearse!

Step 1. Obtain E-match and suitable remote control

Isn't it wonderful what you can find on Ebay - though the remote needed a special "Dicky mod."

We'll need some slow fuse and what else? ah yes - cable ties - lots of 'em!

Hmmm - that last photo shows the aftermath of testing slow fuse with E-match...
A certain somebody had to chase a loose piece of burning fuse all round his garage!

Git Boffins had to devise a highly secret mod. to get the E-match to ignite the slow fuse!

So... we bring all these dodgy looking items to the Jollyup field
and work out how to put them together so they work more or less as required...
We'll just try it with half a dozen to start with!

Oh crumbs.... it's time to light the fuse and get the flock out of there!

If this works, then it's time to "Go Large" with a full scale test!

At this point we were all too busy covering our ears & counting, to think of taking any video!

- suffice to say that we were pleasantly surprised!

so... Let's do it - Let's Go LARGE!

The fistful of string that Peter is holding requires some explanation...
If you buy Keith a pint of good ale (none of this cold, gassy stuff) he will be happy to oblige!

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