OzFeathers Workshop, Swindon 2015
Linda Sanders is The Purple Lady

Coo-eee! Look Out Linda's about - and cousin Soo - and some whiskery nutcase

Prior to the workshop, Arthur and the WHKF crew took Linda on a Grand Tour

The main atrium at St Joseph's college was an ideal venue - plenty of room, plenty of light, loads of
tables & chairs, and a constant supply of tea & coffee thanks to the White Horse Catering Crew

Mike & Sheila Stevens finished theirs at home - great work guys - to see finished article Click Here

So let's have a look at who did what... Keith first!

Good thing Alan was there to supervise - to see finished article Click Here

Right - who's next? There's a bloke from Bristle wandered in - hello David Johnson

Lovely - and very much inspired by thoughts of "Family" - to see finished article Click Here

Thanks to Stuart Lafferty for this telling portrait of Hawaii Dave-o

He also reminded Dicky (who had forgotten) that he had asked for a pair of Git Goggles...
(photo to follow - hopefully)
While Dicky was busy on them, the Longbottoms wandered in and Karl had a good look at his work...
and the consequence was... a long & convoluted trail ending in Capetown!

Next up - it's Mighty Don Baggett - to see finished article Click Here

Several people commented that perhaps the cartoon should show his eyes closed...

Next please - it's Malcolm (hot stuff) Bradly - to see finished article Click Here

and then it's Philippa... she wears "proper" gloves for the job!

Andrew & Sandra Scott worked as a team on this one - to see finished article Click Here

Stuart Lafferty was very busy - look at all those pieces!

Andrew Beattie had a new industrial sewing machine complete with table!

Would you believe he made 6 - yes SIX of these over the weekend with help
from his glamorous "lady welder" - Click HERE to see one of them finished!

Saturday evening we enticed Linda back to our hotel for a few "Git Cocktails"

- then we staggered off to the nearby Chinese Restaurant for the customary feast

Sunday morning - It must be time for FEB at Dockle Farmhouse!

Please note full-on FEB nearest Keith, and "Lady's Breakfast" for others!

Then back to St Joseph's to finish what we had begun... What's Dicky up to?

It's good to feel wanted - cousin Soo actually paid him for 2 of these! Looky!

and then just to prove she's as jammy as a poptart - she won another bottle in the raffle!!!

Then there was the very well supported bag raffle...

Richard and Alison Stephens chose a very complex design!

Alan Holden looks very pleased with his Oriental Lady

Then there was time for a certain amount of posing...

N.B. Most of the above photos kindly taken by Linda Sanders of OzFeathers.com.au
Facebook Album:- Arthur Dibble

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