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John's Videos

Here, we see some fascinating MOVING PICTURES of interesting subjects
John has a box full of bees and sometimes they come out for a buzz:

* if you click on the picture, you can see and hear them buzzing *


The 60mm Frightener is to be filmed in action. 
The full details of how this will be done are described with great clarity in this video.
Several viewings may be necessary in order to fully grasp the significance of the event.
Real Title: "Strange man in kitchen talking nonsense"

Please click on picture to be astounded

The Frightener in all it's glory (8.45MB)
SUBTITLE:- "Health & Safety - How NOT To Do It!"

(under test at Horton Farm)

John's crows flying at Tewkesbury in 2006

* to see the crows flying, click the picture for video (4MB) *

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