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This is John (you're not perfect) Browning's special page
John only comes out when the sun shines

NEWSFLASH - Dateline January 2017
John is holding an exhibition and workshop 12th Jan - 24th Feb
at Rum's Eg Gallery, 27 Bell St, Romsey  
SO51 8GY

NEWSFLASH - Dateline March 2015
John has just completed a model Stirling Engine - Click the image to see it running

If you feel inspired to make one, here's an instructional video CLICK HERE

John supervises while Alan does the washing up Again

John B and BOF John Barker gossip while Alan does the chores

John & Alan allegedly "saving water" at Tewkesbury 2006

John doing battle with a mighty oak at Teston: August 2006

John's Daily Telegraph - with a slight difference

Quite a big Flaming difference!

Click picture (that one just above here)

Destruction complete = Happy John!

Candid Camera strikes again!

Once, John actually did some washing up!


The correct way to stand to take a photo
If we knew which way he was facing, we could likely calculate the time of day this shot was taken!

Signed Indentures - what more proof do you need?

John does like to look up - even when it's dark :

30 seconds exposure whilst the ISS was going over

about 15 minutes later, across comes the Shuttle:

Point and shoot at an Iridium Flare:

About a 10 second exposure showing gradual brightening and then fading.
If you want to know where to look for these & other astronomical phenomena (ooh)
go here - registration is FREE!

They were selling mighty fine hats at Ardingly 2009!

John finally revealed the secret, so we all have world beaters now
Bee kite workshop Saltdean Nov 2009

Here's a picture of John's mighty fine Dragon

In full flight at Portsmouth.

John makes and flies Fighters mostly
These little fighters need some finishing and then, after they have matured for a year or two,
they will be splendid flyers.

After seeing John flying fighters at Brighton, a lady called Bex asked if he and others
could fly Afghan fighters for a film she wanted to make. What a lovely opportunity!
- Mr Chapman came up with the kites and we flew them.
Here we are at the pub before we did some flying.
The film was a success and secured an MA for Bex
You can see a shortened version of the film on YouTube:

STOP PRESS! Historic blackmail photo has come to light from Basingstoke 2003!
- caption reads "Poor B*gger" - presumably busking for the bus fare home

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