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Keith Boxall
The Special One - AKA "The Purple One"

May 2020 - There was no doubt in anybody's mind about keeping a safe distance from Keith!

28th June 2019 - The end of an era after 24 years hard work - Now the fun begins!
Keith spent the week clearing out the last fixtures & fittings from the family workshop & offices

13 January 2019 - Spring Cleaning!

Probably a wise move before he starts his first year of touring kite festivals to the max!

December 2018 - Keith does the unthinkable... and RETIRES from full-time work!

But he has a lot of plans... things he wants to make & things he wants to do!

Somewhere on that list is to design & fabricate a portable trebuchet! Here is a nice one on Youtube...

17th May 2018 - Keith sets out on another Northern Road Trip
Click HERE for photos & the whole story!

24-25 February 2018 - Hooray! At long last, Keith is going for driving lessons!

After that he will need rehydrating & restorative foods... he might find some here...

Click HERE for details & photos!

14th November 2017 - Today's The Day - Keith is Very Excited!

There's going to be a new (third) lady in his life...
She comes from Thirsk and her name is Stella!

4th May 2017 - Keith is setting out on a "Round Britain Road Trip" with Trevor Reeves...
Click Here for photos & details

18th October 2016 - Keith leaves UK for 5 weeks "Down Under" with his daughter & niece

Lots of pictures & the full story Here

Summer 2016 - Everyone seems to be crazy for bubbles...
So it was no big surprise when Keith decided to turn his engineering skills to creating
"The Better Bubble Machine" - loosely based on a product seen on-line Here
Free DHTML scripts provided by Dynamic Drive

Keith's Birthday Treat at Henstridge Airfield: 18 April 2015
He took to the skies in a micro-light with FLY2UP.COM - It took him over a YEAR
to get around to the "Birthday Experience" his wife & daughter bought for him in 2014!

More photos and the full story HERE

Being an engineer, Keith just loves anything mechanical...

He may rush around like a hyperactive Springer, but Keith is also a softie..
He recently had cause to mourn the loss of a special four-legged friend...

For his 60th birthday, Peter & Jacqui sponsored a miniature donkey in his name.
"Star" lived at the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth, and they wrote a moving tribute

Winner of WHKF Ron Gunter Cup for 2014

The Ron Gunter cup (named after the WHKF co-founder) is awarded
annually to a non-committee member who has made a worthy
contribution to The Club & the promotion of kite flying in general.

2012 - Keith had a surprise gift from a secret admirer (he prefers to remain anonymous)

Keith lives in Epsom Downs
What's the weather like there, old boy?     CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT

Here we see Kowboy Keith in his rather Splendid Hat.

Life's full of ups & downs

John trying to cut my kite line.........you will have to look very closely

The Minkey Impersonator - Click on Keith!

Click links below to see videos

Waylon away and What a way to go !! (1.13MB) ~ Look at that a kite (1.1MB) ~ A Flight of Brassingtons (2.42MB)

Keith loves "popping over" to France for a bit of fun, food, bon vin blanc and even a little kite flying
If you want to see his photo album from Berck-sur-Mer 2004, CLICK HERE

Keith's "Methylated Spirit" at Tewkesbury 2006

Time rolls by, and Keith still enjoys his man toys in 2012!

A beautiful 'Dragon Rok' designed by Christian BP

Meanwhile.... what makes you think that Keith may have a secret passion....?

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