The Great North Road Trip 2017
or... "Gits UK Mini-Walkabout"

Keith wanted to repay the hospitality shown by Trevor Reeves during his 2016 Big Trip Down Under

Trevor flew in from Cervia, stayed with Andrew & Sandra for 2 days, then hit the road with Keith

First Stop:- Bridlington Kite Festival: 6-7 May 2017  Website   Bridlington Kite Festival Facebook link
Sewerby Field, off Sewerby Road, Bridlington, North Yorkshire, YO15 1ER
Hosted by Daryl Smith of the Northern Kite Group   Northern Kite Group Facebook link
Organised by Jim Potts after Andrew Warner was inspired by a trip to Fuerteventura
Places of interest they plan to visit on their whistle-stop tour...
Beamish Open air Museum + The Angel of the North + Bamburgh Castle + Lindisfarne
Northumberlandia + Arria Major + The Falkirk Wheel + The Kelpies
Other suggestions were:-
Leeds Royal Armouries Museum, Jorvic Viking Centre(York), Cragside House,
Alnwick Castle & Poison Garden - Hmmm - it looks like being a busy week or so...

4th May 2017 - Go North Young Man, go North!

Finally... on the festival site at Bridlington - great view!

Brisk North-Easterly breeze - glad of the side panels - it's going to be nippy tonight!

It's a long way from Epsom, and the blooming chippy had closed by the time we got there!

5th May 2017 - Good morning from Bridlington!

Need some thicker socks for Trevor so going to M&S

And guess what - there's a Wetherspoons a few doors away - The Prior John

Trevor introduced to the Grumpy Old Gits tradition. He approved!

Thank you Will and Liam for letting us come to play at Sunny Bridlington!

Andy and Steve also from Bridlington council - thank you for mowing the lawn for us!

Trevor with Andrew Warner      ~~~       Keith Procter, Bron & Big Ben

Hello Jan and Jim      ~~~       Hello Jan and John

Craig, Ernie and Bernard      ~~~       Shirley, Bron and Mags

John, Rodger & Bernard: Stalwarts of the NKG ~~~       Trevor with Dave Bleasdale          

10:45pm - Gin and tonic? I don't mind if I do

I have to say it was a long trip up to Bridlington, but I'd do it again next year.
What an incredible welcome ❤ ❤

6th May 2017 - BBC Forecast was chilly & breezy, overcast but mostly dry

This should have been a photo of Keith dancing round his Cadac stove, during the ritual preparation of al fresco GOG FEB - maybe he overslept - or had a Senior Moment?

And they're off!

Andrew Beattie put on a splendid showing!

The following 2 photos by kind permission of Yorkshire Coast Radio - Thanks Very Much!

Why is it that apparently sensible young ladies want to pose with two Old Gits?

I do hope there are not any GOG words of wisdom to be heard on Yorkshire Coast Radio
+ Parachuting Teddies YCR Video Report on Facebook

Then there had to be the YCR GOG Selfie

oh dear.... then there is the Trevor & Keith Gin & Kites Video Show
and the Keith, Gin & Minkey Video Show

+ Trevor's Photo Gallery of today all on Facebook

7th May 2017 - It's CADAC time! Stand by for cholesterol download - or is it uptake?

Keith says:- "Alan! Alan! Wish you were here!"

Fusion Rev Team came along today with their spiffing new Rev B2's Fusion Facebook link

(hoping for a big photo here)

Then it was lunchtime and The Odd Couple found their way to The Ship Inn
Sunday Carvery £8.49 or £12.99 for a couple - full-on "Roast beef & Yorkshire"!

To give you an idea of the wide open and windswept look of the place today...

8th May 2017 - Time to pack up and move on to Newcastle today

BIG thank yous to The Northern Kite Group, what a truly lovely bunch of people, so so friendly,
just hope I can remember all your names ;-)
Thank you to Bridlington council for allowing complete strangers to come into your town
and have such a wonderful time.
Thank you to all those lovely people from Bridlington and other parts who took the time
to come over to see the kites and make our days here so special.
And finally thank you Trevor for sorting out my friends request list :-)

So, watch out Iain Ball and watch out Newcastle - The Travelling Wilburys are on their way
- after Cadac FEB and breaking camp, of course - Not pretty but very tasty

First stop: Flamborough Head Lighthouse - Ffffffrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzziiinngggggg!
But never a shortage of benches in Yorkshire :-)

Time for a midday brew with Chocolate cake - and a little muffin always helps!

Onward, ever onward - Newcastle or bust!

9th May 2017 - Tyne Bridge, Newcastle - waiting for breakfast by The Quayside

Bamburgh Castle - Fit for a Git - as seen on TV & film - Wiki Link

Keith hoped to be at The Falkirk Wheel and The Kelpies mid afternoonish
Karen Scott waited for the 2 Old Gits to appear... then look what happens!

We were all very worried when we heard that Keith failed to sample this pretty thing!
Could he be ill? See for yourself - Boe Gin Website

Then to the Beancross Restaurant - more food - and waited for dark...

Hoho - so this is what they were waiting for - very pretty - in so many ways!

Then off to the Cumbernauld Travelodge for a G&T nightcap!

10th May 2017 - Just looking for breakfast and then a picturesque route through the Lakes
via Keswick and Derwent water en route to Morecambe Bay

At this point there should be a glorious close-up of K+T FEB
- but is there? NO! AND NO APOLOGY!

Pausing for a brief lunch break they were delighted to find a proper "Healthy" menu...
which we believe they struggled with, after first crying "No! No! No!" - (humbug)

well... maybe the "Roast Beef Yorkshire Pudding Wrap" offended their sensibilities?

Water, water everywhere...

Two Grumpy Old Gnomes - but why...?

Well, they got there in the end - Eric & Ernie & Soo in Heysham

11th May 2017 - First stop Rita's Cafe in Morecambe for a proper Lancashire FEB

Then off to Chester to see Morgan's Mount and the Cathedral

Well - that's quite enough excitement for one week!
Time to head for home and a meal out tonight in Epsom...

Facebook Albums:- Keith Boxall + Sarah Bindon + Everybody!

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