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Margam, Linda's Banner Workshop,  Scott Wedding GDO , Conker Bash, Christmas

To avoid confusion (mostly mine), I have also briefly listed the  Main Events  below,
in date order, with links to their own GOG pages.

  +++ Houlgate Plein Vent: 5-7 April 2013 +++  
  +++ Jolly Up 12: 26-27 April 2013 +++  
Margam: 26 May 2013
It looks like they all had a fine time - See Sandra's Facebook Album HERE

  +++ Basingstoke 21st KF: 1-2 June 2013 +++  
  +++ Teston Unofficial: 8-9 June 2013 +++  
  +++ Brighton KF: 13-14 July 2013 +++  
  +++ Berrington Hall KF: 20-21 July 2013 +++  
  +++ Jolly Up 13: 3-4 August 2013 +++  
  +++ Teston Proper: 10-11 August 2013 +++  
  +++ Portsmouth 22nd KF: 24-25 August 2013 +++  
  +++ Lechlade WHKF Fun Fly #2: 27-29 September 2013 +++  

Purple Lady's Banner Workshop: 5-6 Oct 2013
Despite travelling for days to get here from Oz, Linda was very good and patient
with her novice class of banner makers at Swindon   Facebook photo album here

For more details and photos please click HERE

A Truly Grand Day Out - The Scott Wedding: 20th Oct 2013

Cliddesden Charity Conker Bash: 23rd November 2013

Woohoo! The maiden flight of a stack of 6 Brassingtons
- one of Andrew & Sandra's wonderful wedding presents.
6 Brassington kites
Alan in a predicament astride the gate behind the Jolly Farmer at Cliddesden
- sorry to have to report that we were all helpless with laughter!
Alan stuck astride high gate
These high jinks following the successful test flight of Andrew & Sandra Scott's wedding present Brassingtons
and prior to the Jolly Farmer Conker Challenge where we all suffered glorious defeat.

Sometime GOG chums get roped in to participate in some weird "non-kite" activities...
The Conker Bash - the formula for success turned out to be "aim to miss" (strange but true)
Keith has a bash at Sandra's conker
2nd formula for survival: Wrap up warm and partake regular doses of anti-freeze!

Old Gits Christmas Dinner: 21-22 December

For more details & photos please click HERE

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